This Weeks Horoscopes

December 1, 2014

Don’t let your ego take your confidence away from you this week, Aries. Remember that you can get things right, and do them well the first time around. If you feel like losing control at work, avoid shouting or being rude. Think about how others feel before you let yourself react.

This week, if you find talents hiding in someone, you will benefit from helping them to let out those talents, Taurus. If you want to be recognised by others, you need to be different and stand out from other people. Romance is favourable on the weekend.

Raise your voice against the negativity of others this week, Gemini. Some confusion or deception may arise in your family. Meditation can help you to find the balance you need. Once you find something you love to do, do more of it.

Procrastination is one of the biggest sources of stress in your life, Cancer. If you can learn to just get things done early this week, you’ll find yourself a lot more calm. Stay involved in all financial decisions that affect you and your family.

Learning to let the small things slide off of you can really make a huge difference in how you experience your life this week, Leo. Make sure to keep up with your tasks at work or home, and remember that some things are not under your control.

Work on communicating clearly and be patient with people this week, Virgo. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Remember that life is not about wasting over things that make you tired and put you down, life is there to be enjoyed.

If being confident sounds like a challenge to you, it may be easier to start on the outside in, Libra. Get dressed up, start feeling good on the outside, and true confidence may follow. It is important not to feel anxious about a situation this week just because you failed in the past, be confident, and believe in yourself.

Engage in a sport or activity that allows you to release your tension this week, Scorpio. It is a good time to get a challenging and innovative activity, in order to raise your energy levels. Remember that if you worry about what people will say about the way you look, or act, you are wasting your time.

Motivation is key to maintaining all aspects of your life this week, Sagittarius. If you are not motivated, you will be more likely to waste your time, and neglect your personal and professional goals. Engage yourself in new and exciting projects this week.

Make sure to reward yourself every time you achieve your short term goals, Capricorn. This week is important to focus on what you already achieved, and be grateful for what you have in order to attract good fortune to your life. It’s a good idea to start your Christmas shopping but avoid overspending your money.

This week is important to remember that physical appearance may be important, but what’s inside is even more significant. Thinking rationally when a problem arises will keep you from making a decision based on pure emotion. Romance is favourable on the weekend.

Focus on your goals during this period, Pisces. Make a list of what you want to achieve and keep checking it during the week. If you see that you are on track, or even excelling every time you check your progress, you will be motivated and happy that you are getting there. Good luck is with you this week.

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