This Week’s Horoscope

July 6, 2014

There are friendships that will flourish this week, Aries. But remember not to take casual acquaintances to be deep true friends you can trust with everything. Build that trust gradually and accept them as they are. It is about the quality of your interactions and very little else. There is a feeling that can give you drive during this period, you might as well take it.

You are changing in ways such as exploring new alternatives and paths for yourself, and you are bound to get a little lonely as you look for people who share your new interests and thoughts, Taurus. Take a walk, ride your bike or read a book. Explore activities and hobbies, and don’t be afraid to try new things this week.

Keep yourself busy this week, Gemini. Many times it is not the partner or friend you are missing, but the activities and hobbies you shared. Take yourself out for a date during this period. It may seem awkward to be doing things by yourself that you used to do with someone else, but don’t hold yourself back.

Take time out of your busy day to keep harmony in your family; that is one of the most important items you can accomplish this week, Cancer. Call or get together with the people you know. Do more listening than talking. Listening and drawing people out will deepen your contacts more than just talking endlessly about yourself.

Challenge yourself to take the initiative in social relationships this week, Leo. Do not wait for people to approach you: you should approach them. Ask a friend if they want to chat or get a coffee. Sometimes you should show interest in other people before they will show interest in you. You need to be more committed to those around you.

Health must be a priority this week, Virgo. Do some exercise and eat healthy. Love what you are doing and keep going. Learn to be happy with yourself. When you like or love who you are, it shows. People like to be around those who are upbeat and confident. Gather all your facts before your start making decisions during this period.

Share your thoughts and experiences, or ask questions to those who are going through similar situations, Libra. Remember that loneliness is when you are unhappy to be alone. Solitude is when you are happy to be alone. There is nothing wrong with solitude, wanting to, or enjoying being alone. Alone time can be useful and enjoyable this week.

Remember that if you are trying to make a place for yourself in another person’s life, and be considerate, Scorpio. Do not think that just showing up will win you instant friends. Remember that if you are constantly busy, you may not have time to go the distance with people who you do value in life. Be wise when spending your money during this period.

Even if you do not have a great history with a family member, chances are they will take you up on an invitation this week, Sagittarius. You are devoting most of our time to other people, we tend to neglect yourself.  Take some time during the week to do the things that you want to do for yourself. There is a wonderful opportunity coming up and you should be happier soon.

Draw people toward yourself by providing enjoyable company this week, Capricorn. Be complimentary rather than critical. For a casual comment, do not nitpick other people’s clothes, habits or hair. They do not need to be reminded they have a small stain on their shirt when they can not do anything about it. Be positive.

It is better to take the chance to go out, meet people, and try new things this week, Aquarius. Love yourself so others can love you as well. Rest helps you remember things and calms you. You need to listen to those who will help you in your career during this period. If you think that luck is never going to be in your side, think again.

You might have started spending less time with friends or forgotten how much better you can feel when you are just around people you like and that like you, Pisces. Try to understand what type of companionship you really need. You will experience bursts of love and energy for those around you during this period. Take care of your loved ones, a friend may need your support during the week.

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