This Weeks Horoscope

June 29, 2014

When you believe in something or see beauty in something, you should do it no matter what anyone else thinks, Aries. If you have found something that is worthy of your best efforts, sacrifice, and tears, then you have found the most important pursuit of your life. That pursuit can lead you to something ultimately fulfilling. Remember to follow your dreams this week.

Let go of the need to be loved by all, Taurus. Accept that some people will think poorly of you no matter what you do. It is important to forget about what everyone else thinks because you cannot please everyone. Remember it this week, and also stop over-thinking. Most of the time, when you think you are being judged, you probably are not.

Push your limits this week a little and do something that is a bit out of the ordinary for you, Gemini. Be grateful. Make a list of all the things that you are grateful for. Putting it into a list really helps. It makes things tangible, more real. Be appreciative of what life gives you, not resentful of what it does not.

You will realise this week that some people will become jealous, afraid, or overwhelmed when you change your usual habits and grow more mature and self-loving, Cancer. Give these people space and compassion; they may come around in time. If they don’t, leave them be. You don’t need them to be a negative influence on you.

You will understand that opening your mind to new experiences and new people will show you a whole new world that may be better than the one you knew before, Leo, one where you can find your corner of the sky, your castle on a cloud, your niche in this crazy world. Realise that what goes around, comes around. Send out positive and caring actions and they will be returned to you this week.

Find yourself this week by really taking an interest in what you love to do, Virgo. Think about what you like and do not like; think beyond those things and other ideas that simply pop into your mind. You will need to work out a work life balance that lets you pursue your “true self” more outside of the workplace, even if this means less hours and less income.

Many will seek your advice this week, Libra. Feel good about this, as it is a sign that you are a leader. Start planning what you really want to do and investigating what needs to be done to get you where you want to be. You can free up time, find money, and get a break from duties if you make time to plan and find the courage to act now.

People will respect you more and treat you kindly, Scorpio. Best of all, you will feel good about yourself and this will reflect out onto others, making them feel even more certain about your sense of self. If you keep a positive attitude suddenly everything can fall into place for you and you realise what matters most. Spend your money wisely.

You only get one chance at life; are you going to allow other people’s thoughts to make it less enjoyable, Sagittarius? Don’t let any negative people bring you down during the week. If a challenge comes up, do not be afraid to sleep on it. There is no hurry in making decisions, and you will be more likely to make good ones if your mind is calm and rested.

Be adventurous this week, Capricorn. Take note of how you adjust outside of your comfort zone and you will notice things about yourself you never did before. Make sure no one influences who you are; by all means listen to others and learn from them but let the final choices, decisions, and acceptances be your own. Romance is in the air this week.

Do not let yourself get caught up in a habit of constantly changing who you are or how you act just to fit in, this week, Aquarius. You may encounter another person and recognize that a major percentage of that person is identical to you. Recognize that you are able to be useful to others, and that others may be useful to you.

Getting out of your zone will not only teach you something, but it will force you to get to know yourself, Pisces. This week, do the things that you want to do! Your motivation will vary from day to day as you continually seek new inspiration. Remember: It only takes one person to start the change.

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