This Week’s Horoscope

June 22, 2014

Do not spread yourself too thin this week by overwhelming your days with an unrealistic schedule, that would be difficult to accomplish, Aries. Take advantage of all the small gaps of time that tend to go wasted during the day. Communication could become complicated at work, be wise and discreet.

Do not raise your voice or become upset this week, if you can not help anyone, simply say that you cannot help at this time, Taurus. When you say no, say it in a confident, well modulated voice to sound more straightforward. You will need to let someone know that your mind is made up and that you will not change it.

You will have the choice to accept or decline what someone is asking of you this week, Gemini. Do not be afraid to say no. You might get an opportunity to reveal your real opinions about a certain subject. Focus on keeping old commitments, and consider the many options you will have during the week before making a decision.

Be thankful this week, Cancer. Whatever your reason for saying thank you, you should be sincere and let the person know how grateful you really are. Whether you want to say thank you in person, over the phone, or in writing, be grateful for the people that helps you along the way. You will have good news this week.

You have drawn an important person’s attention, and you will feel more confident this week Leo. Reconnect with people. Invite people along for simple things. Catch up, make plans to do more. Remember during this period that it’s easy to come up with reasons not to do things. You will soon have time to enjoy the things you love.

It is easy to get locked in a routine when you’re in the same place all the time, Virgo. This week, whenever someone asks something of you, say yes. Saying yes can take you on a journey, if you are open to opportunity, anything could happen. Be careful with money and spend it wisely. Be in control of your emotions will get you rewards.

Be honest this week, Libra. Being honest is a part of being sincere, so open up and say what you really mean. Tell the person. I do not know what I would do without you, if you really mean it. Your job will give you rewards during this period. Immerse yourself. Know your opinions, while being open to suggestions. Do not say something for the sake of saying it.

There is a voice inside you that’s practical and logical, Scorpio. The one that likes routine and simplicity. Do not let that voice take center stage this week. If you find yourself using it, ask yourself why this voice should win out. Look for creative solutions, you can get further than expected.

You do not have to overdo things or become excessive to be spontaneous, Sagittarius. You can be spontaneous without eating out every night or spending too much on a new wardrobe. It is a state of mind. You will have a task that takes incredible determination and time during this week, be focused.

Be dependent on nothing this week, Capricorn. For starters, that means no addictive habits. That just takes away from you, controls your urges and controls your emotions. Be yourself saying what you want to say, meaning what you say, and doing the things you want to do. Do not let insecurity keep you from being you.

It is time to get to your goals this week, Aquarius. Knowing your goals is the first step to achieving them. It is the first step to giving yourself direction. When you know your goals, you can pursue who you are. You may discover the answers you’ve been seeking. You could have unexpected financial gain soon.

Try not to be influenced by other people’s emotions this week, Pisces. Spending too much time thinking about other people’s thoughts can lead you away from your own. Sometimes being around certain people turns you into someone else. Be aware. This week an engaging debate can be fun, stimulating, and teach you a lot about your own values.

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