This Weeks Horoscope

June 15, 2014

During this week, it is very important to understand not only the context, but the subject of your doubt, Aries. It is also important to recognise that not all doubts are bad things. Some issues might make you feel uncomfortable during this period, spend more time with people you trust. You may have a surprise visit or phone call.

Looking closely at things is important to bring them into focus and to see them clearly this week, Taurus. Some of your views are based on wrong advice, so if someone told you something was happening but when you go to see it, and it wasn’t quite right, you will get doubts. It’s not a good time to take big financial risks.

Don’t worry if things don’t turn out how they really should this week. Look forward to tomorrow to make your voice heard, Gemini. Let go of the things you can’t confirm or disprove for the things you can’t test. Once you know where you stand, you have much firmer ground to stand on and let it go.

Learn to recognise when a person you talk to is not suitable to answer your question, or if their answers are not trustworthy, Cancer. What will help you become successful and overcome failure comes down to how you manage failure, and how your view of life is impacting your motivation. Let go of your past for good.

Take risks this week, Leo. Seeking to always be perfect sows our own seeds of disappointment. Trying and failing is a much better teacher of what it means to be human than never trying and never succeeding. Remind yourself that you are good enough. All you need is to give yourself the go-ahead to keep trying.

Engaging with someone in a partnership this week will promote a sense of collaboration, and the other person will feel part of the solution and that you can be there to help, Virgo. Remain calm. Whatever you’re feeling about a situation, don’t lose your composure over it. You have new opportunities to take advantage during this period.

Accepting the inevitability that things won’t always go your way is an important part of avoiding becoming bitter and twisted, or of preventing yourself from reaching your full potential, Libra. Remember this week that even where a failure cannot be salvaged, there is always something to be learned from it.

You will have some challenging situations to deal with this week, Scorpio. Don’t take your anger out on others. It’s not good to bottle up feelings, but you can’t go around taking out your anger on those around you for no good reason. Do something to stay focused and energised to distract yourself from your negative emotions.

This week you will realise there really is something wrong with the bigger picture. Ask yourself why something doesn’t feels right. It might be the tiniest and most subtle thing, but your mind has always been very good at looking at the small details while you ignoring them. Stay away from family disputes.

You need to work to improve your confidence during this period, Capricorn. Forget about how other people view you. Allow each situation to serve as an opportunity to strengthen your determination even in the face of criticism. Being confident is a far more positive and self-sustaining response than listening to the negative comments.

Look at both sides of every situation before making decisions this week, Aquarius. Trust your intuition. All of the negativity is in your head. The reality is that you will succeed. And the bonus is that you will gain knowledge, insight, and experience. Stop worrying, start laughing. Take care of your financial situation during this period.

Be very careful that you don’t take on other people’s mistakes or circumstances as being your failure this week, Pisces. Use humour as a way of telling that you don’t need to carry the world on your shoulders and that sometimes, things just happen, no matter what you do or do not do. You will meet new people that will make a positive contribution to your life.

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