This Weeks Horoscope

May 25, 2014

Accepting that this is the way things are and that you need to work around it and find pathways that allow you to thrive better this week, Aries. If you still can’t seem to understand or accept, explore the suggestions for how to accept life the way it is. Use intuition as a “lead” rather than as a solution.

Spend time listening to other people this week, you will learn what they really mean underneath their commonplace words. This is a skill that will help you to relate better and will also help you to understand your own behaviour at times. Ultimately, this skill will help you to develop self-compassion.

Try changing your perspective this week, Gemini. Your perception is unique to you and whether or not something is beautiful or bearable or soul-destroying is impacted by your view. You may see beauty where others sees none at all. Stand up for what you know is right.

Because you feel that society fails to meet your point of view this week, Cancer. Find your own way to work around what you don’t like about a certain subject. Try to see the broader picture, and understand that you are a part of humanity as a whole.

Remember Leo, it can be easier to blame an external “something” as being the ruination of your own chance to thrive. But that is a form of giving up; where there is a will, however quiet and humble, there is always a way.

Learn how to relax this week, Virgo. Relaxation teaches you to keep calm, to find space to reflect on life and to take things in your stride. Not allowing yourself relaxation time can result in pent-up stress, liable to break forth when you’re least able to cope. Relaxing is not being lazy––remove that criticism from your mind.

Protect your own right to thrive through education, learning, connecting with people around you in positive ways this week, also try to find the tools and skills to achieve the things that matter to you, Libra. Try to make friends and fix your perception of society.

Don’t assume that life is all about perseverance, Scorpio. Knowing when to hang in and knowing when to quit is a fine balancing act that requires plenty of reflection. Sometimes, quitting is the best thing you can do, when something clearly isn’t working and isn’t something that works with your strengths.

Rediscover yourself this week, Sagittarius. It can take decades to get back to your true self. Give yourself the time to self-discover and enjoy your child’s perspective as long as you can– many people spend a lot of time and money trying to rediscover part of themselves.

Let go of any ideas that it is not possible to befriend a person whose ideas and points of view don’t align with yours. Seek your own pathways to being happy and smile as often as you can. Ultimately, accept life for what it is and learn to thrive within what you have.

Determine what you want to plan or prepare for, Aquarius. The future is a big place with many eventualities, but chances are that you want to address a specific situation, problem, or opportunity this week. Define this end to the best of your abilities. Consider what you already know.

Listen to your first instinct, Pisces. Intuition often works best before you’ve had time to study any details, so pay attention to it, even if you do not act immediately on it. If something feels wrong about a situation this week or you just don’t like somebody, don’t ignore it.

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