This Weeks Horoscope

May 18, 2014

Think it out, and then act this week. Remember that there’s nothing good about blundering into a situation you’re ignorant about and not listening to advice, Aries. If you’re unclear about an assignment, be willing to admit that you’re confused and ask for clarification. Take one step at a time.

Allow your faith to help you work through this time in your life, Taurus.  Be spontaneous and live in the moment. You may feel that life isn’t exciting because you’re only doing the work that you need to do in order to get by. Take time to work on a new hobby or maybe learn something new this week.

Focus on your goals this week but also remember to enjoy the fact that you are not wanting for essentials, that you have family and friends who love you, and that your health is good, Gemini. Remember that it’s hard to feel impressive if you do nothing to impress yourself.

Look to your own reaction toward a negative person in your life this week, Cancer. It’s possible that you’re enabling the negativity into your life. You may be using up your positive mental energy trying to turn around the pessimist’s point of view. Don’t find solutions or make plans to work around the pessimist’s complaints.

Look for some good in everything this week and remind yourself that anyone can find flaws in anything when looked at closely enough, Leo; what’s a lot harder is coming up with solutions and positive actions. There’s no need to spend what you don’t have.

Remember that while there’s power in taking on something new, there’s also a greater chance of failure because of your lack of experience, Virgo. Embrace the failure, it’s not the opposite of success, it’s a necessary component. The opposite of success is sitting still. Be alert and flexible this week.

Actively cultivate positive friendships this week, Libra. Learning to get along with people who are not like you is an important part of self-development and socialisation. Keep in mind that you have your own blissful happiness support system deep inside of you. Be mindful to add more into your life.

Don’t listen when someone close to you indulges in the negative talk drink this week, Scorpio. Ignore their pessimistic comments. Spend plenty of time away from this person’s influence, to keep your own sense of positivity bubbling along. Stand up for what you know is right.

You must know that not everything has a positive side, Sagittarius, but it is also good to remember that even though bad things happen, it doesn’t follow that the future is always going to be terrible, and it is pessimistic to think of every event as a catastrophe before it has even occurred. Embrace your right to be happy this week.

Be open this week, Capricorn. Try new stuff. Discover more people, places, ideas and activities that delight and amuse you. The more happiness you give the more you will receive. Support your partner with what they’re up to. Don’t make expensive promises or purchases. There is abundance of love and friendship given and received.

If you need some advice this week, take examples from other peoples’ lives and build on them, Aquarius. Get sufficient exercise this week. You may not have time for everything. Just be productive in the time you have. Keep taking advantage of new opportunities.

Find people who share your common loves and share small happiness miracles and blessings that pop up around you daily, Pisces. Invest in simple pleasures and you will redeem priceless returns. Don’t stress out if you don’t accomplish everything just the way you planned this week.

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