This Weeks Horoscope

June 21, 2015

Make plans for the weekend and evenings if your schedule permits, whether going to a park, museum, ball game, or other activity where you will be in the company of other people this week, Aries. Be in control of your money and avoid spending too much. Allow yourself to delegate some of your tasks at work during this period.

The lack of communication can leave you lonely and turn you into an outsider, which, in its own vicious way, only serves to make you feel less secure, Taurus. This week you need to keep in mind that every person you encounter is a wealth of information and ideas that you haven’t come across, be open minded. New projects will bring you motivation and hope.

Stop assuming that you know more than everyone else this week, Gemini. Treat each encounter as an opportunity to learn more, and to expand your own knowledge. You should focus on resolving an important issue of your own that you are essentially denying or ignoring during this period. Romance is in the air on the weekend.

Try something new this week, Cancer. Do something you have never done before, something that requires you to rely on somebody else’s knowledge and abilities. When communicating, make your points using the skills of assertive speaking. If you have tried everything and still cannot find a solution to a problem, try a new approach and you will succeed.

This week you need to remember that you have the qualities that allow you to exercise control over your instincts and passions, to master yourself, and to resist the temptations that constantly confront you, Leo. Remember that when you are confident, people will naturally assume you know what you are doing, and this earns you trust, responsibility, and respect.

It’s important to have courage to admit your own faults, frivolousness, and weaknesses this week, Virgo. Look at your life honestly, and see what actually excites you, in order to set some new goals for yourself. Focus on what makes you interesting and let those aspects of your personality shine through.

Avoid arguments this week as your emotions can impact your ability to make a rational decision, Libra. If you are afraid that people won’t respect you or listen, remember that people respect the differing views of others when they are put calmly and clearly. Good things are coming your way.

You need to understand that self love is really important to achieve what you want in life, Scorpio. You can be pretty but not attractive if you don’t learn how to love yourself. This week focus on slowing down, being aware, and to noticing things around you in order to relax and find balance in your life.

Find a new hobby or something to take your mind off things for a while this week, Sagittarius. You need to realise that wanting to take revenge on someone, still qualifies as thinking about them. Being principled will help you maintain your moral compass and keep your social life tidy during this period.

You may have a specific hobby, business venture, or leisure activity that is limited by your current finances, Capricorn. Things are going to fall into place soon. A loved one will give you the strength to keep a foothold when the tide turns against you, and to continue to climb upward in the face of obstacles this week.

A goal you have been considering for a long time may need to be set aside if you are no longer looking forward to it, Aquarius. Introduce yourself to interesting people and let them know your thoughts and ideas this week. Remember that new activities will bring good vibes to your life.

Confidence is powerful and infectious, so try to learn to be confident, Pisces. It is a good period to try something you have never done before, be willing to experience something you have convinced yourself you would hate, or something that someone else has suggested you try. Financial transactions are favourable in the beginning of the week.

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