This Week’s Horoscope

August 3, 2014

By assessing your environment, you can look for opportunities to make some daily improvements that will impact the quality of your life this week, Aries. You can only achieve success in your circumstances, after you identify your passions, interests, and values. By the end of the week someone close to you will help you to set goals and give your life a sense of meaning.

Take care of your health and adopt a healthier lifestyle during this period, Taurus. You may have a habit that isn’t healthy for you. Being healthier can lead you to a more enjoyable, sustainable lifestyle and greater life satisfaction. During the week you need to embrace aspects of your life that makes your soul happy. You should do something that you enjoy that you could practice more often in order to boost your energy. Romance is favourable in the weekend.

You will be able to make some small changes to your routine and also make some conscious choices to appreciate the people close to you in your life this week, Gemini. Communicate with your partner and truly listen to him/her today. Talk to your friends and family about your feelings. You will make a decision to find time and space to do the things you’re best at, just avoid overspending your money.

Your closest relationships are very important to your quality of life, especially positive emotions, Cancer. Beginning of the week is favourable for romance. Do not waste all of your energy thinking about a past situation. You need to pay attention to communication problems at work this week. Exercise will help to keep your mood high.

During this week is very important to cut out all other distractions so that you can really focus on your tasks, Leo. There will be periods of time when you will be so engaged with the activity you’ll be working on that you will have difficulty to keep in touch to the world around you. You will also have a sense of accomplishment from being able to complete your tasks.

In the beginning of the week, if you are getting enough good rest, you will be more likely to be emotionally overwhelmed and less productive, Virgo. Analytical thinking and planning is important this week to change some of your habits. This period is also favourable to communicate with your partner and solve relationship issues.

During this period you will realise that you shouldn’t be so attached to others in your life, Libra. Some of your attachments can be good for you, and motivate you to reach your goals. However, if you are not careful, throwing all of your emotions into someone can get in the way of you adopting new beliefs and friendships. It’a a good time to make home improvements and organise your house.

It’s important to ask yourself how do you want to respond to a challenging situation this week, Scorpio. During this week you need to concentrate on ensuring that your current beliefs are related to your values instead of expending wasted energy worrying about what you previously thought. Avoid getting involved in financial decisions in the beginning of the week.

Constant family problems can affect your progress in your career, Sagittarius. This week you will be able to leave a situation alone until the other person realises his or her wrongdoing. You must focus on your goals and prepare yourself for new opportunities that will be presented to you during this period. Your financial situation will improve.

There is a relationship that is important to you that you have been neglecting, Capricorn. You should make a priority to catch up with your closest friends this week. Learn to recognise and avoid toxic and negative friends. Interact with new people and stay open to connections. This period is also favourable to make travelling plans.

If you are not careful, it is easy to blame yourself for something that is not your fault this week, Aquarius. Remember that you can not have control over everything that is going on. Is not wrong to change your opinion or change your perspective in a situation. Be proactive to prevent unexpected family conflicts during the weekend.

During this period it’s important to be aware and understand that if a friend is constantly saying negative things to you, making you feel small or unhappy, then you need to think about the consequences of keeping this relationship. If spending time with someone make you feel defensive or upset, the relationship is not a healthy one. By the end of the week you will see things clearer and make wise decisions.

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