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This Week’s Horoscope

July 27, 2014

This is a period of reflection and renewal, Aries. You must take time to understand what is happening around you, and remember that others emotional needs and perspectives may differ from yours, and no one should be held accountable for something they were unaware of. It is easier to get a realistic view of someone’s personality when you communicate with them. Make sure you are able to deliver anything you promise.

You need to use your mental skills to understand someone that may be very opinionated, Taurus. If you are having a problem understanding others may be a signal that you are too focused on yourself. Learn from your mistakes and don’t give your opinion if not required during this period. Ask an old friend for advice.

This week love is in the air, and you will be able to express love and gratitude, Gemini. Romance is favourable and it is a good idea to go out and enjoy life with your partner. Allow your friends, family, and other significant ones know how happy you are to have them. Share and express your feelings, the universe will boost your energy, and your gratitude will take you a long way.

As soon as you are able to redefine your goals in life, you will be ready to start a project that will change your life for the better, Cancer. You will be feeling very creative during this period. Allow your creativity to take you into the right direction. Avoid any negative influence in your work, believe in yourself, and make your own rules. Meditation will help to boost your energy.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not in front of strangers, Leo. Delegate tasks if necessary, and avoid being under pressure. Remember that acceptance comes from within. Avoid thinking about the things you don’t like about yourself. Many times you may expect people to understand how you feel without expressing your feelings to them. Be clear, and let others now exactly what you expect from them during this period.

You will be successful during this period if you can learn to set goals that are attainable, Virgo. Avoid being consumed by the same thought over and over again, if you feel overwhelmed, it’s impossible to make progress. Instead of analysing a situation from a thousand of different angles, let go of your thoughts and act. Once you’ve put your ideas out there, you will find a way to make your dreams come true.

Explore, live on the moment, and embrace new opportunities this week, Libra. Make travelling plans with your loved ones. Go to new places that you never been before. You will benefit from being adventurous and accept new challenges during this period.  Your energy is high and you have the ability to be an inspiration to yourself and others.

It is important to have time to yourself, but it’s also important to mix up your routine with some time to hang out with your friends, family, and have fun. Do not isolate yourself during this period, Scorpio. Avoid thinking about the past, especially if it’s negative or overwhelming. It’s important to realise that thinking about past situations takes you out of the current moment, and can hold you back in life.

Be neutral, and use your ability to communicate information effectively, Sagittarius. Be prepared to deal with unexpected situations during this period. Find a way to be comfortable with different outcomes, and deal with disappointment by letting go. It’s also important to anticipate any kind of behaviour that will make you feel guilty.

Take care of yourself and your health during this period, Capricorn. Avoid lying to others and to yourself. Before jumping into conclusions, give other people the benefit of the doubt. Choose your words wisely when you want to express your opinions, and if necessary, rephrase possibly offensive language. You also need to use clear communication to avoid misunderstandings with your partner during this period.

A close friend might be able to offer you a different insight that will make a situation clearer, Aquarius. You will feel confident about making a decision after sharing your thoughts with this person. You’re spending way too much time thinking about something you have no control over. Make sure you stick to your budget and don’t overspend.

Your challenge this week is let go of your fears and be positive and optimistic, Pisces. If you notice that you think or feel something negative, try to think positive thoughts to fight those negative ones. You should not compare yourself to others, or be jealous of colleagues who seem to be more successful than you. If you focus on your qualities, you will be able to achieve your goals in life.

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