This Weeks Horoscope

July 20, 2014

Be open minded this week, Aries. The mental ability required to maintain a positive, conscious mindset during this period is difficult but very rewarding. Give yourself time to heal emotionally. Eat well and rest. You will find inner peace  if you go to a beautiful lake or some beautiful natural environment. You will think more about financial security this week.

You need to sort out communication problems this week, Taurus. Give yourself permission to feel the emotions and understand them. You will find pleasure talking to someone you don’t see in a long time and catching up with your old friends. Be adventurous and do something new and exciting. Romance is favourable.

Spend time each day to appreciate life, Gemini. When you wake up, feel grateful that you have been given another day. Gratitude will take you a long way this week.  Do not focus on the negative things in your life as they tend to give you back negative feelings. Good luck is on it’s way to you this week.

Visualise the things you want, and they will turn into reality, Cancer. The law of attraction will begin the beautiful process of forming your idea into something real. You will be more aware of opportunities that will bring you the things you wish for. During this period, the universe is in your favour, ask and you will receive.

Only when you forgive and leave your past behind you will be able to walk away from the pain and live a peaceful life, Leo. Remember that forgiveness is for you and not for others benefit. Freeing yourself through forgiveness is like freeing yourself from chains of bondage or from prison. Set yourself free this week!

Have faith in yourself and don’t listen to the negative comments, Virgo. This week is about raising your confidence and understanding that great things demand time and patience to come true. Take the first step of faith, you don’t have to see it you just have to do it. Your dreams will come true if you listen to what your intuition is telling you.

Avoid multitasking during this period, Libra. If you’re trying to do too much, instead of being efficient, you will end up feeling stressed all the time. Take time to listen to your partner and communicate more. Avoid feeling lonely by participating in social events. Make travelling plans and take care of yourself, if you feel good, your energy levels will increase and you will feel happier.

Don’t  think everyone is against you, if you get upset thinking that the world is against you basically you are being unreasonable, Scorpio. I’s important to listen to what others are saying and separate legitimate concerns from your fears. Avoid judging others this week and if necessary help them or get the proper help they need.

During this period your energy is high, so make the most of it keeping yourself inspired by anything that inspires you: music, photography, art or any other activity, Sagittarius. There is nothing better but a great source of inspiration. Ask for help to complete tasks, delegate if necessary, and avoid family arguments.

You need to realise that someone is finding it hard to show you his/her feelings. This person has an unreasonable fear of rejection, and the only way he/she is going to open up is if you decide to approach him/her. During this period you must think about if you are happier being in a relationship or being single. Listen to your intuition.

Avoid making any accusation and don’t be argumentative and defensive without a real cause this week, Aquarius. You may have trouble seeing and dealing with everyday problems, don’t let any negativity be in the way of you taking advantage of the opportunities in front of you. Make an effort of accomplishing your tasks paying attention to details to avoid problems.

Avoid getting involved in family arguments this week, Pisces. Start working on projects you’ve been delaying for a while. Your lack of energy can create problems if you don’t find a way to be motivated. If you feel very confused, ask a friend for advice and most important: listen to your inner voice. Avoid drastic changes and eat healthy and exercise, your energy will increase as a result.

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