The Wishes as Messengers of Love

March 8, 2018

Spring brings the spirit of adventure and calls to the unknown journey. She is not yet in full rights but her air is so turbulent and sweet that it is difficult to resist this magic of beginnings and new hope. Melted snow and tender sun, modestly looking out of the clouds break the armour of winter cold, in the streets and human hearts. You want to smile, dream, share and laugh. And it is wonderful when there are spring holidays, especially birthdays, when you get the reason to express this joy given by Nature itself.

Wishes are not the empty words we speak just because it is nice. They are the energy concentrate, like an invisible pill, which, perhaps, not that powerful as the Reiki healing energy, possess great influence on our mood and self-sentiment. I have never met a person who wouldn’t like to hear the encouraging or soothing word, and even the most rigid sceptic in depth of his soul still believe that sooner or later, the good wishes told by others will come true. Wish is a living word, because we fill it with our emotions, Telling wishes to somebody is like performing the ritual of Good, which brings the feeling of being an all-mighty wizard like Gandalf or Merlin helping the hero to reach the goal. Pronouncing wonderful words with a sincere desire to person’s benefit and success we are creating this success for people, and even for ourselves, as everything we give away, returns to us, often multiplied in three or more times.

Every person is different, so it is helpful to know the language of wishes for each zodiac sign, which might slightly differ depending on the Element.

Water signs will appreciate beautiful phrases, the literary style of the postcards, somewhat retro or classic design of the presents. Pisces’ romantic nature demands a fairy tale, whatever brings them its energy, is just the right way, be it a precious gem or something cute yet full of hidden sense. Avoid practical and too exact wishes with them, your wishes should be epic and lofty, which would make them feel a hero. Scorpio would love a mysterious wish, a riddle or even dark humor. In any case it should be very different, specific for this person. They are full of paradoxes, and the approach in finding the right words should be relevant. Cancers need praise and inspiration, and any wish which assures them in being loved and needed, is the best one. The key features to remember when wishing for this group are sincerity, attention and admiration radiating in your words.

Earth signs would enjoy, like the ancient emperors, the odes in their honour and achievements, and the more detailed it is, the better. Virgo’s will like the wishes connected to beauty, health, and will appreciate usefulness and practicality. Taurus would wait for a quality and grounded wishes with the focus on prosperity and aesthetics. Capricorn is sensitive towards statuses and professional establishment, thus even on holidays would love to hear encouraging to work and achievements. The key is many details and practical description of future full of beauty and comfort.

Fire signs are the children who need impressive, magnificent way of celebrating and honouring. Aries will definitely like surprises and active wishes, which will call them to action and adventure. Leos will value the form: no matter what you present or give, how matters. Your words should be original and praise their pride, even some flattering are very welcomed. Sagittarius is joyful from the words of passion and excitement: impress them with passionate speech and bright active words. Creativity is what will conquer the representative of this group.

Air signs are unpredictable as it is difficult to hold their attention but, belonging to the Air Element, they are the only group which perceives the words as the material force. Gemini will feel good receiving short call but it should be charged with optimism and bright ideas. Libra will prefer skilfully even poetry style crafted wishes, and also something praising their personality. Aquarius will enjoy the real quest style of the wishes: quotes with interpretations may be a good way to make them remember you. Diversity and abundance are perhaps their preferences in receiving wishes.

Of course, the action remains the main revelation of friendship and love, however, in our online era, when distance separate close people for a long time, and the only way to connect is virtual space, words, postcards may the thing to make your day. When we appreciate that and are generous to remember to send a good wish to people we know, we contribute to the universe energy of good, creating the database of mighty healing Word of Creation.


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