The Virgo And It’s Rising

August 30, 2017

The ascendant, or rising sign, is an exceptionally important in our horoscope. A sign which appeared in the eastern horizon at the moment of our birth becomes a key in our public image and self-presentation. The ascendant is the first impression we create, and which is a focus of coaching trainings and business etiquette. No wonder, as the combination of thousands of nuances which person demonstrates, is a facade of her character, mind and soul. And before entering the world of personality, we pass the door of the image we see. In psychology the research proved that 93% of the information we exchange while interacting with other is rendered through voice and body language. The ascendant is that 38% of tone and pitch of our voice, and 55% of body moves, postures and gestures; and knowing rising sign can help us become aware of and harmonize our communication.

The ascendant in Virgo grants the person with an incredible combination of mind strength and emotional depths. Regardless the Sun or Moon sign, rising Virgo polishes the character with a strong analytical and logical power, having calmful and sedative effect on most fierce passions or emotions you might possess inside. The sign ruler, Mercury, is the planet of thought and mental energy, and it defines the social style and behavior of rising Virgos. They are especially careful about appearance and manners. It is doubtfully possible to meet negligent or untidy Virgo. Going out for them is a significant event which demands accurate preparation. Most of them possess a good taste in fashion and don’t need a stylist to create a necessary image. Body is of special interest of rising Virgos, and they are extremely careful about making it healthy, strong and beautiful. But their approach bears a touch of art: instead of just limiting the food they would follow original diet, and primitive jogging or pushing-ups would be replaced with the sports like yoga, or callanetics.

Manners and politeness are just a must for them in any social contact, and they feel deeply aversion to the company of rude and loud people. Their speech is calm, argumentative, persuasive and informative. Combining their knowledge and observations with personal experience and conclusions make them interesting interlocutors and source of knowledge for others.

Rising Virgos adore thinking, analyzing and systematizing. When alone, they would do it with their emotional or spiritual world; being among people they enjoy observing them. This ascendant position makes perfect researchers, attentive to the details and measures. It is also a perfect position for potential psychologists or any other counseling specialists. Not only they can see things in their connections, but they are can see the perspective and can predict the cobwebs of human behaviors. Their mind of chess player often creates a reputation of a fortune-teller who knows everything.

Rising Virgos are mostly educated and are aware of efforts and energy learning demands. They are those who value grammar and wouldn’t forgive a mistake. Noticing details is their strength though at the same time they can be easily lost in them and lose the perception of the whole. Their demandingness though refers to themselves with equal severity, and perfectionism is perhaps the only disadvantage, they have to fight with.

In relationships they contribute an incredibly outstanding spirit of the old-fashioned ways with the focus of courting and ceremonies, letters and presents, long discussions, classic music concerts and literature. Though it may take a long time to reach the hearts of rising Virgos, their gradual opening-up turns into a real zest, and rewards their partners with the intensive emotional connection. They may seem arrogant and cold, and for those ready for relations with rising Virgos, is important to discern a rich emotional world behind the invisible wall. It is extremely difficult for them to reveal the feelings fast and easily, as passions are usually moderated by their mind.

A specific relation of rising Virgos to time is worth mentioning. Rational and practical, they have a particular sense of timing and time-management. Appreciating every minute and second, and reluctant to waste this extremely valuable resource, they strive at being punctual, strict and responsible. The deadlines for them are like a riverbed, helping them channeling job productivity and energy. Time is order and a premise for success and their inner comfort. It could stem from the symbolism of Virgo’s correspondence in Tarot, which is Major Arcana the Hermit. In the old decks instead of the lantern he holds an hourglass, an ancient symbol of time. Time-holders can be the right synonym of the rising Virgos who know well there is time for each thing and who are able to load the day with as many as possible.

Majestic in his solitude the Hermit seems to render his energy to Virgos, and speaking about ascendant, or social environment, rising Virgos will always preserve their dignity even in the most chaotic atmosphere. They are often seen as anchors in the conflicts, when everybody awaits a fair judgment or reasonable opinion from them. At the parties they mostly occupy the observant position, being a “grey cardinal”.

On hand the ascendant is a mask we show to the world; on the other, it is a part of our character. We may hide behind it, or we may integrate it into our personality. Rising Virgo is perfect mask yet also provides with perfect tools to master the traits of other planets. Classy and elegant, combining restrained passions and charm of perfection, rising Virgos are true gems for any company, able to shine with the beauty of mind and satisfy the eye with a beauty of the body.


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