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February 27, 2015

The great controversy of no scientific statistic to back up the experience of peace associated with prayer and faith is the same lack of technical preciseness we have with the fulfillment one can feel when having a Tarot reading. There may not be a fact science can find but I have borne witness and bear testimony to having such experiences with all of the above. And prayer, Tarot brings a personal connection to the message God or universe has just for me. Ultimately filling me with a sense of peace, because Tarot has never failed to encourage, validate or guide me in the right direction.
Like prayer and faith, we can turn to Tarot in times of trouble to help heal and offer a path as to our next steps. I find one of the greatest benefits of the Tarot cards is their ability to re-affirm what we are already feeling; especially in regards to where we want to travel next in our personal journey through life. After a difficult moment in our lives we can become so shaken we are unsure of what we should or need to do next. This is where Tarot can offer its help and through its insight, peace to the reader because it is clarifying for us to know what we need to strive for. We never fully know the outcome of where our next adventure will take us, but that is the beauty of Tarot, it encourages us to do so!
Scholars say sometime during the 1400’s Tarot cards were first produced, most likely as a card game which evolved by the 1700’s into what some believed was a mystical connection between the reader, the cards and the symbols they held within each picture. Crossing all boundaries because of its pictorial nature and card game background, Tarot spread around the world and evolved even further into the many different card styles and interpretations of the Tarot we know today. It may sound funny, but as a Tarot reader I can feel this historical connection through the cards and find some of the most fascinating on-target readings come from the ancient interpretations of the cards meanings. Like older mentors, they give a historical context to some of the important symbolism held within the cards.
Tarot is empowering and peaceful. Offering not only predictive outcomes, but most importantly a perspective of an overall situation – including how our own drives and motivations are in play. Tarot strives to bring the reader above fears, insecurities and doubts to a place of value, honor and respect for ourselves and others. This comes from an understanding of the good and ugly in any given situation – including ones we may have created and look to move from. The cards lessons speak to this power throughout the deck, especially through the control we apply to our thoughts, words and actions. Tarot tries to make you a better individual in spirit and behavior in its lessons. And when we experience this change, we are not only stronger but more meditative and at peace with life – and all she can throw at us.
When we have ills of the body we refer to a medical doctor, when the ancients were not well in the peace of their soul, they consulted spiritual individuals who had a gift for reading the Tarot cards. This same desire for a peaceful nature and approach in our lives is what turns people like me to Tarot for guidance in today’s age. A wise ancient Tarot reader wrote, ‘When we know more than others, that is magic. Magic is a science, a hermetic science, an art. This is white magic bringing peace of mind to mankind.’ I have never forgotten the power of that statement nor the peace I felt for the magic I could help create in reading the Tarot cards for myself and others.
My own evidence of the peaceful power of Tarot started almost 30 years ago. It has taken a lot of hard looks at my behavior and motives, as well as the others I was dealing with, when I encountered certain cards, but this-in-your-face moment certainly helps you grow up by become more understanding of yourself and others, allowing you to have a clear view of all the dynamics of the people and the situations you need insight into. This sentence maybe a mouth full but it is completely true! If you want to truly know yourself and your interactions with others better – pull a Tarot card a day and let yourself have the complete encounter the card was designed to deliver. I guarantee you will find it insightful, fun along with a sense of peace in knowing what the day could hold!
I also love astrology and became hooked early on. As a Taurus, I found it spot-on in its interpretations of who we are as a zodiac sign. I wanted to know more. I became a student of charts and of the daily, monthly and yearly movements of the planets. I was fascinated by their influence in our lives. But like an exerciser who starts off with a walk, I wanted to run into a deeper spiritual awareness with what God or universe wanted to teach me. And as God or universe does, I was introduced to Tarot. Little did I know, only a few years later an experience would take place that only Tarot could help me get through.
There are two style cards included in any Tarot deck; The Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana. The Minor Arcana touches all areas of our lives in its Suits and deal with the everyday lessons we need to have to grow into more whole individuals. The Major Arcana cards represent important life lessons that usually require the reader to look towards change and moving to the next stage of the journey of the Major Arcana. The Fool starts the cards of the Major Arcana and is us in our most playful and eyes-wide-open approach to all the new areas we can explore – so off we go onto the journey of life. And along the way we move from childhood and innocence to someone good of heart and skilled at strategy. There are some very tough lessons in this series of cards to get to this peaceful state of confidence and kindness, including learning to let go so God or universe can let the next change take place. And I was ready to meet one of the most powerful cards in the Major Arcana, The Tower, to let this next phase of life happen.
The last card of the Major Arcana suit, The World, is the cycle of life; where we started once we come full circle to start again. And when we are resistant to these seasons taking place – God or universe will step in and lend its hand to the situation you were meant to change. In true Taurus fashion, I knew the change needed to take place but I was reluctant and honestly stubborn to let this change happen; as if I knew better! This attitude then required my meeting with The Tower before I could find peace and as I have journeyed further into this change, great happiness.
The only man-made structure in the Tarot, The Tower represents a metaphorical destruction to oppressive, stagnant situations and people that are in our lives. Easier said, God or universe is going to clear the way for you to start again. Either you can be part of this process and help guide the outcome or you can fight it and well, I think we all know how that ends. This is the experience of The Tower.
Many of you have heard of the 9.11.2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. The morning of 9.11.2001, I pulled The Tower card. I was a New York City business executive at the time working with the New York City Mayor’s Office on an event downtown. The World Trade Center was one of our promotional partners. I was on their plaza that morning.
For over a decade I was lucky enough to have built my own business, working with celebrities, government leaders, going to the cool places – all the props someone of my Earth sign could desire but my creative heart was bored and my spirit was not fulfilled. God saw this, gave me a chance to guide the change and then said enough! And just as I had done prior to the attack that day, I pulled a daily Tarot card and used this old and powerful art to heal, recover and finally find a peaceful state to start over again.
This intense experience would turn my life in a completely new direction to devote my life to a spiritual path, a career more aligned with the achievements of my heart. I still needed a few more meetings of The Tower for God or universe to ultimately get me where I am but as I learned more about myself in relation to the message of the Tarot, each turn got easier to understand and make happen.
As I started this article, there is not much difference between faith, pray and Tarot when trying to find scientific fact behind these beliefs. And thankfully, there is not much difference in what each of the connections with God or universe offer us through the daily evidence of their power to bring clarity, hope and peace to our lives.

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