The Tarot And How It Works For You

July 22, 2015

Why you would use different spreads in the Tarot to certain questions.

A general reading or do you have specific questions you would like to ask the Tarot cards, is the statement I start each reading with. Tarot is that helpful. Whether you need insight into your daily happenings, seeking information about love or work at a deeper level, reaffirming where your intuition is guiding you or even finding strategies to deal with certain situations; Tarot can help you find the direction.

If you have never experienced a Tarot card reading you are in for a treat! Tarot readers pull cards and lay these cards out in certain spreads to give you understanding in the areas you desire. This can touch love, family, health and work. Spreads can vary as wide reaching as there are Tarot readers; with each one favoring their own version. I never tire of doing Tarot readings because each one is unique to the person being read. I also love hearing the reactions and ohh’s and ahh’s when the cards reveal insight only the reader would be aware of or more importantly, needed to hear at that moment.

For my general readings I use a well-known 10 Card Celtic Spread to read your past, present & forthcoming influences. This is not only a popular way to read Tarot cards but an effective one as well.  Each card and its placement in the Tarot spread gives the reader the opportunity to understand their drives, motivations, how others view us and what can hold us back from enjoying where we are or executing our next steps.

As an example of the power of the 10 Card Celtic Spread I use, the first card placement starts with understanding what is significant in your life right now. The second card placement, The Crossing Card is one I have personal grown to love because it is placed across the face of the first card placement and lets us see what is blocking you from fully realizing the potential and possibly causing conflict with your first card placement. This card’s reveal can help the person being read understand this important insight for the positive because what is so great about the Tarot, you can take a Crossing Card and put it to good use once we understand we hold this same power within to manifest its energies in the positive.

When someone is seeking out specific questions about love and certain individuals (yes, many of you are so hot you are attracting multiple admirers), I often start the reading with the question of intent. Pulling one card we can find out how does this person feel about you and what are their intentions? Like myself, I find many times the person I am reading for fully understands already the good or bad dynamic about this person and needed the reading to reaffirm what they were realizing so they can act.

If we want to dig deeper into certain questions it is nice to use a quick 3 card spread. This allows us to look at yours or another’s past, present and future outlook. We can find someone else is in such a tough spot this could be the cause of their sudden distance or they are trying to work out their next steps for a happy conclusion.

Tarot can also help you find strategic direction. Whether applied to loved ones or business the insight a Tarot reading offers can be invaluable in our planning. We can easily get caught up in the emotional reaction of a perceived confrontation or feel we need to speak a certain truth so we can move forward.  Tarot can help us find the way when dealing with people and situations that need to go by the wayside by helping you map out a plan. With the pull of a few cards we can see how others view you, what you are learning through this experience and what strategy can you deploy.

If you are thinking of picking up a Tarot card deck for yourself, I encourage you to do so! Pull a card daily, research the cards meaning and be open to the meeting with the card to learn its meaning for you. Try a few different Tarot spreads to find what is right for you. Some of the cards have heavy duty life lessons but do not be afraid of the encounter it is what God is trying to teach you and maybe through you, others.

When you feel ready, do readings for others. This is a lot of fun because now you get input from others and the way they view the cards experience may enhance the definition for you. I started doing readings for others when I felt I was living several of the core values in Tarot. Love, respect and value for yourself and others. Constantly strive to be enlightened and grow from your encounters in life. Do not be afraid of change, it is part of life. Apply mastery of mind to keep your thoughts, words and actions positive. Sounds pretty simple but there are 56 cards in a Tarot deck to help teach you.

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