The Tarot

August 1, 2016

The Origins of Tarot

Most scholars say sometime during the 1400’s Tarot cards were first produced, most likely as a card game which evolved by the 1700’s into what some believed was a mystical connection between the reader, the cards and the symbols they held within each picture. Crossing all boundaries because of its pictorial nature and card game background, Tarot spread around the world and evolved even further into the many different card styles and interpretations of the Tarot we know today. It may sound funny, but as a Tarot reader I can feel this historical connection through the cards and find some of the most fascinating on-target readings come from the ancient interpretations of the cards meanings. Like older mentors, they give a historical context to some of the important symbolism held within the Tarot cards.

The British Museum houses writings from 1377 by a German Monk who mentions Tarot cards in a disapproving manner. This is followed by a series of lectures against the woes of gambling by another German Monk in 1452 who includes Tarot cards in the mix.  This is largely believed to have happened because of the symbolism readers took away from the cards and the threat that was perceived by such understanding.

Astrology and the divination you can attach to the planets movement in the sky and how they correlate with our daily lives, is also attached to the Tarot cards. Often referenced in older Tarot books as the Bible of Astrology, the cards hold a representation of each astrology sign and solar system planet within its deck.

Some readers refer to a time when the Tarot was called The Ancient Egyptian Tarot in relation to a discovery of Egyptian teachings laid out upon 78 tablets; which is the number of Tarot cards in a deck. The same style lessons, often told through story telling can be found in mythology and the Bible as well as cultures like the Pagans. And like these examples display in their schooling some life lessons are essential to our gaining emotional maturity and our overall growth in character. And they are usually not very easy encounters and why those who believe in ancient art forms such as Tarot, turn to the cards for guidance, insight and understanding. Core values Tarot looks to impart on the reader.

Tarot is empowering and peaceful. Offering not only predictive outcomes, but most importantly a perspective of an overall situation – including how our own drives and motivations are in play. Tarot strives to bring the reader above fears, insecurities and doubts to a place of value, honor and respect for ourselves and others.
This comes from an understanding of the good and ugly in any given situation – including ones we may have created and look to move from. The cards lessons speak to this power throughout the deck, especially through the control we apply to our thoughts, words and actions. Tarot tries to make you a better individual in spirit and behavior in its lessons. And when we experience this change, we are not only stronger but more meditative and at peace with life – and all she can throw at us.

When we have ills of the body we refer to a medical doctor, when the ancients were not well in the peace of their soul, they consulted spiritual individuals who had a gift for reading the Tarot cards. This same desire for a calmness of nature and approach in our lives is what turns people like me to Tarot for guidance in today’s age.
The great controversy of no scientific statistic to back up the experience of peace associated with prayer and faith is the same lack of technical preciseness we have with the fulfillment one can feel when having a Tarot reading. There may not be a fact science can find but I have borne witness and bear testimony to having such experiences with all of the above. And like prayer, Tarot brings a personal connection to the message the universe has just for me. Ultimately filling me with a sense of peace, because Tarot has never failed to encourage, validate or guide me in the right direction.  I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy a Tarot reading too!

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