The Seven Spiritual Laws

December 20, 2015

Deepak Chopra released his best-selling paperback guide to fulfilling our dreams, The Seven Spiritual laws of Success to critical and public acclaim in 1994. The book had a simple premise that with a positive outlook and approach to all of life we can create joy and peace within our spiritual selves. This message still resonates today.
While you will find many of these same concepts in other religions as well as in the field of spirituality Deepak Chopra gave a clear plan through seven short and easy to understand ideals that got large numbers of people hooked on improving their life experience.  I have outlined below the seven laws and the lessons I have experienced from the encounters. It takes no special equipment or readiness to start. Dive right in by applying them into your daily life to see what others have been enjoying for decades.The law of pure potentiality:

Meditation and our internal conversation with the super conscious are at the core of realizing our utmost potential. Important achievements in the eyes of man may not have the same value to God; this is why we need to listen to our spiritual guidance above all else. Through your stillness the answers will come. Time any amount of time a day to connect with your inner voice. The more you make this connection the clearer your direction becomes.Be open to honestly understanding your personal motivations, intentions and desires so you can understand how they may cloud your true direction to joy and peace.The law of giving: By allowing ourselves to extend a kind word or gesture to everyone we tell the universe we would like to receive the same. Why do some people think being impolite or rough in their responses to others is something they should do but more importantly, behavior we would want to receive?

We are only showing our insecurities and fears when we act this way. When we are truly grateful a peace enters our heart making it easy to show our happiness through our words and actions.The law of karma: Karma – good or bad – whatever energy we have placed into the world – especially during those tough times of keeping our head and heart on the right track – karma delivers the gifts. We all must meet this dimension of testing. How will we answer? We are judged by a higher conscience that is connected to all of us. This is why we need not worry about those who were unkind or did us wrong – Let Go – Let God, is what we can count on. This same mantra can be applied if we need to forgive ourselves and mediate on seeking the same from others if we were ‘not so nice’. A time of rebirth is at hand for you when we encounter karma.The law of least effort: I have learned when the rock gets too hard to push up my proverbial hill it is time for me to take a new direction. We all are responsible for the people and situations that surround us. As intelligent beings we always have choices of whether to stay or go. This law helps bring me clarity when I am realizing it is time to move on.

The law of intention and desire: By wanting to understand our desires, drives and motivations, we take responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions which releases a bondage to easy progress. When we get these style thoughts of self and onto the bigger picture we can see how some actions might not have their roots in the best of intentions. Giving us a chance to read and have a different outlook and approach. It becomes an internal compass to keeping ourselves on the spiritual path of the best intentions and desires.

The law of detachment: Understanding the difference between the drivers of feelings versus emotional reaction is how I apply this law to my life. At times, certain situations evolve where we must participate in someone else’s game or drama. While not easy, I can detach myself in a positive manner to keep myself balanced and sane while applying strategy and actions to thoughtfully deal.

The law of Dharma: When we apply the seven laws into our daily experiences a connection takes place that helps guide us to our true destinies. How can we apply our special gifts to the world, family and friends? The answers start to emerge the deeper we dive-in to know ourselves through our spiritual guidance.

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