The Power Of Your Unconscious Mind And Hypnosis

July 1, 2016

Our mind is the greatest tool we have. It is the projector of our current physical reality that we experience through our five senses.
Our brain is like a human computer. When we are able to maximise its ability, we can become the success we want to be, simply because it controls who we are. Our minds control absolutely everything we do, it determines how we think, feel and act. I was watching a video about hypnosis last week, and it was so interesting, that I’ve decided to know more about it. Understanding how our mind works during hypnosis, made me realise that being hypnotised isn’t scary as I used to think. When I started to read more about hypnosis and the unconscious mind, I discovered that there’s no mind control involved, and the smarter the person, the better the results from hypnotherapy. When you’re in a state of hypnosis, you are able to access the unconscious mind, and let me tell you something, the unconscious mind is POWERFUL.

Our mind consists of two parts: the conscious and the unconscious (also called the subconscious). The conscious mind can handle only a few information at once, and everything else that is going on, is within the unconscious mind. We usually use an iceberg as a metaphor to understand the unconscious mind, and how it works together with the conscious mind. Only a small piece of the whole structure of the iceberg is visible above the surface, the huge mass of it remains below the surface. Using the iceberg as a metaphor, the conscious mind is what we notice above the surface, while the unconscious mind, the largest and most powerful part, is below. Our unconscious mind is deep, and stores our emotions and memories. It connects us to the spiritual world and with other people.

The content of your subconscious mind can help you to take control of any circumstance in life and can give you more confidence and motivation to achieve your goals. When you decide to access the information stored in your unconscious mind, and change your perception of things, you can heal emotional, mental, physical or psychological wounds. Using the conception of hypnosis, I’ve learned that if you focus your mind and practice positive affirmations, your subconscious become open to positive suggestions. The hypnotic trance is a natural state of mind, and a deeper version of relaxation; we all experienced the hypnotic trance on occasions when time goes by without us realising, or in moments of intense concentration (like when we are focused on watching a movie, or giving our full attention to something, in a way that we lose track of time).

The conscious and unconscious mind are in constant communication during the day. The conscious mind works taking bits of information stored in our unconscious mind, and our perception of things and emotions related to different occasions, are passed from the unconscious to the conscious constantly. By introducing positive suggestions to the unconscious mind, we can apply a different connotation to everything we learned, witnessed, seen, felt and done; We can change our perception of ourselves and our own abilities, in order to improve our self belief, our skills, our habits and responses to things that happens to us.

If you are constantly experiencing negative emotions such as anger, resentment, self-pity and guilt, or if you find yourself being a slave of bad habits such as overeating and smoking, you can change your life for the better by accessing your powerful subconscious mind and introducing positive suggestions. Our unconscious mind is 30.000 more powerful than our conscious mind. When we expand our awareness, our energy flows. Whatever we plant in our unconscious mind and nourish with repetition, creates a new reality. Strive for greatness. You can achieve anything.

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