The power and curses of rising Scorpio

November 7, 2017

Rising Scorpio sign is not an easy fortune. The power of darkness which defines the very Scorpio type being an ascendant is directed outwards, to the group, company or society. Rising Scorpio is a devotee in everything he is doing, be it cooking meal or organizing revolution. Passions are easily turning into an obsession, and meaningfulness is perceived as a mission, for which every sacrifice is not too less.

The intelligence of the rising Scorpio is indisputable. They can process huge amounts of information, critically analyze it, and, what is most useful, apply it to their interests, using and manipulating it according to their goals. The mastery of manipulation is their innate skills, which automatically make them the leaders of the situation. Combined with a formulated goal, strong motivation and decisiveness, their power to convince may indeed turn people into obedient tools of their will.

Militant, impulsive and ambitious Mars is a natural ruler of rising Scorpio. He pushes them to seek a challenge, compete, and, most likely, gain a victory. There is always a pick to reach; therefore, no peace for them and their followers is seen after another achievement. Along with Mars, there is another ruling planet that provides rising Scorpios with the most haunted treasure in the world, – power. Pluto, the most mysterious and unresearched planet, is a holder of unconsciousness drives, hidden sources and suppressed energy. Receiving a name of the ancient god of the Underworld, Pluto symbolizes the nightmares, dark revelations and all kinds of pathologies, which exist in invisible realms. All crowds’ energies refer to Pluto, as well as huge corporations, media, or other structured organizations with a strong leader. Among the famous people with Scorpio ascendant the remarkable and illustrative examples are such personalities as Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. The charismatic and powerful leaders, nevertheless, managed to destroy so much and are still praised by many followers. Their obsession with own person, imperialist ideas and utopian purity of nation, resulted in persecutions and murders which shocked the modern civilised society, are the typical examples of the possible consequences and distortions of the energy which could be applied to constructive purposes. The revived monsters of the netherworld, mass slaughters provoked by Pluto, as a Red terror after the French revolution, or modern global burst of terrorism, have people behind, and it is possible that the part of rising Scorpios is quite big.

It does not mean that the darkness is their destiny, however, ability to rule the crowds should be perceived as the biggest challenge and trial of their life. Those with the ascendant in Scorpio are condemned to rise and fame, whatever the sphere is; it is in their nature. Mars and Pluto favours are given to do a lot, and mainly, for others people. In British politics there is a world-known Margaret Thatcher, who received such a Martian title of “the iron lady”. In science it was Sigmund Freud, and we all know how deep into society his psychoanalysis penetrated, with its focus on eros, reproductive body parts (Scorpio correspondence) and games of power between parents and lovers (Pluto issues). In Hollywood action movie production as a direct domain of Mars (actors) and audience (Pluto), there is another rising Scorpio, Sylvester Stallone, who interestingly became famous after a series of boxing movies, a Martian art in sports. He is a prominent example of inexhaustible Scorpio energy: being far from remaining a “fighter of the 90-s”, in his 60 he managed to organize, train and involved almost all pensioners” in the new action series. Moreover, he gave rise to Lundgren, a sun Scorpio, a karate champion with a diploma in chemistry.

Such biographies and partly identification with the stories of celebrities after thinking about them in an astrological way, may give necessary hints to feel your own energies, with family, friends and the co-workers. It is very important to learn to manage these uncontrolled forces, monitoring emotions and passions, trying to release them in time, or sublimate into creative activity, which can be influential for the large population. Instead of ruling family members, maybe it is wise to try forces in creating a leadership business and lecturing?

In the relationships this astrological feature of the ascendant in Scorpio grants with passions worthy Shakespeare’ dramas. Emotions are intense and devastating, and can turn them into dictators, when they do not meet a person with equal will and courage. Usually it is difficult to feel empathy to someone special, as they think globally, and perceive world in categories. Perfect skills to know the needs, understand others’ motivation may fail in simple natural empathy to separate people with the ordinary small problems; if learned, it will make rising Scorpios true praise heroes.

Powerful, bright, magnetic and charming, full of potential and precious ideas which can change world for the best, rising Scorpios are the gems which should be nourished and appreciated, as well as any other sign.


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