The Ouija Board

October 9, 2014

The Ouija board has been around since the 1800’s but it has a bad reputation, opening portals, bringing poltergeists in to the home and many other things. It is a board with letters, numbers and YES/NO, hello and goodbye around the outside, you and others places fingers on a glass or planchette and asks for answers form the spirit world. The glass moves and spells out an answer.

Many people believe that spirits make the glass move; some think the subconscious might be doing it. The Ouija often spells out who is controlling it, especially if we ask “Who is controlling this board?” Further questions may get names and dates of people who have died or are known to the users. There can be messages, warnings and a prediction for the users but just where is it coming from?

From a spiritual point of view the Ouija board is simply a tool that spirits can use to talk to us, as it is easier to move a glass than to talk to our loud for a spirit. You can be communicating with a ghost based in the building, a spirit connected to you, a spirit who wants to talk to someone or other ethereal beings that have a purpose for contacting the living. Some spiritualist will complete cleansing before the board is used and ensure the circle of people present have added their own psychic protection.

Others feel the glass is moved by the people using the Ouija board, unaware of what is happening we move the glass. It is thought to be a subconscious message finding a way to become conscious via our own nervous energy.

So how would you use one – The following directions are adapted from the instructions imprinted on the back of the Ouija Board manufactured in 1902, as the “The Mystifying ‘Oracle’ Talking Board,” by William Fuld, of Baltimore, MD.

1. To begin the séance, for that is what the session is called, place the board upon the knees of two persons, lady and gentleman preferred, with the Planchette upon the board. Place the fingers lightly, but firmly and without pressure, upon the Planchette to allow it to move easily and freely. In from one to five minutes it will commence to move, at first slowly, then faster, and then will be able to talk or answer questions which it will do by touching, with the circular opening or the pointer, printed words or letters necessary to form words and sentences.

2. Only one person at a time should ask questions, so as to avoid confusion, and questions should be put plainly and accurately.

3. To obtain the best results it is important the persons present should focus upon the matter in question, and avoid other topics. There should be no one present who will not observe or participate seriously and respectfully.

4. The Spirit Board is a great mystery, and we do not claim to give exact directions for its management. Neither do we claim that it will work equally well in all circumstances or at all times

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