The Occult

March 26, 2015

Spooky! Was my first thought when I saw the topic this week! I will readily admit this. I also know how wise the team at ZodiacLiveTarot is about understanding the exact message their audience needs to hear each week. I have had too many validations to ever doubt their ability. This got my thinking, most importantly opening up my way of thinking, to really consider what is the occult – and I realized rather quickly, my love of astrology, Tarot and relying on my intuition made me a practitioner of the occult!
I also had to chuckle at my reaction to the subject matter; which is exactly what I have seen and heard from others when they understand I read Tarot. I am pretty sure one of their initial thoughts in regards to what I do was the occult. As a former marketer I am fascinated with words and how they can motivate people to like or dislike something or someone. The occult is one of these words.
We all may practice the occult in some way every day. If you meditate, practice yoga, read your daily astrology, even birthday wishes have their roots in practices others consider the occult. Even today, some religious organizations list astrology as an occult no-no. I remember, even as short as 25 years ago, I received the same odd looks when I told others I loved and believed in astrology as I do today with Tarot. Now, almost all papers and magazines have an astrology column. Interesting, how time can change our attitude from one of fear to acceptance.
The Tarot cards themselves speak of this universal change in the card of The Hermit. The Hermit teaches us God’s truths. He holds a lantern of bright light to show us the path to achieve his experience of the divine that is held within each of us. Through these deep connections we have developed our own internal religion. This fire fuels the light of the Hermit’s lantern. In some of the ancient decks, The Hermit hides his lantern beneath his over cloak, cautious to share his knowledge because others perceive this information to have origins in the occult.  And as time does, in modern decks, The Hermit proudly holds his lantern out and forward for others to
follow so they can learn and share the powerful reassurance of faith in God and ourselves.
If you want a real eye-opener in regards to the meaning of the word occult, do a Goggle search. How did the Latin word occultus meaning hidden secret jump to its association with black magic and the devil. Yikes! That is spooky! There may be several answers to this question.
Science and religion can collaborate in delivering their definition of the word occult to mutual benefit.  As a Taurus I am a lover of the woods, water, all earthly beings and feel comfortable in this world. When I first learned the word Pagan meant ‘Country Dweller’ I thought this makes sense and maybe why I feel a connection to this word. But as I dug deeper, I realized at one time Pagan meant a civilian who lived in a rural setting but was later shaped into a religious cult, with freighting images of earthly rituals. If
you think the number 13 holds some ‘bad luck’ or the full moon brings out the crazy, you have been influenced by this marketing to convert a country folk who celebrated the full moon at times of harvest into wild animals causing evil and chaos. During this time, science was doing its thing to help this view point along by pushing the study and benefits of herbs into
the world of evil and the unknown. Once again time is a helper. After centuries of living in the shadows an herbal approach is now enjoying resurgence as a means to deal with our body and mind ills.
Let’s not forget science and religion can be at odds with each other as well about what is the occult. As an example, the great Italian inventor and astronomer Galileo Galilei, who dared to say our Earth was not the center of our Solar System but the Sun, a very different point of view from the church who pointed out that in Psalm 104:5 “the Lord set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved.” By the early 1600’s, Galileo was before the Roman Inquisition defending his ideas. He did so even under the threat
of torture. He was found to be “vehemently suspect of heresy”, and placed under house arrest where he remained for the rest of his life. Not unlike the word occult we are speaking about in this article, at this time, this was a conflict between the emergence of science and the establishment of faith; which considered science to be of the unknown and having evil roots.
Maybe we can hold out hope that both science and religion will realize the occult does not represent the spooky or unknown. After 300 or so years had passed, the Vatican finally acknowledged their error with Galileo and his point of view to understand God and the universe with a formal apology in 1992.
Science does not like what cannot be tangibly quantified and well, some religions want to be the only gate keepers for faith and their style of it. I think this is why occult arts such as Astrology and Tarot get constantly attacked as a message of evil when I so clearly see and use them as a message from God. My 30 year practice with these arts proves to me they are only for our benefit and there for us to use as a connection to this higher power. I say to those I read, I feel Tarot is a direct link with God and the message you need to hear. How often do we hear from mediums that can connect with our loved ones on the other side say, there is a message I need to
deliver to help you heal. Jesus taught us we all can have this deep connection and love with God if we desire. He kept delivering his message all while being labeled an outsider, someone of the unknown with supernatural powers. He died for us to know we have this capability within. And regardless of what others may or may not think of what is the occult – I want to do Jesus proudly by using every vehicle of good to dig in deeper with the message God.

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