The Multiple Faces Of Love

April 12, 2018

Love perhaps is the most widely used word to express the multifaceted, diverse and multi-valued phenomena of the world. Perhaps, it has as many shades as there are people in the world. Love is a synonym of happiness, but is it a synonymic to destiny? Nowadays we create an ideal picture of some heaven-like state, comfortable mood, and we tie this image to certain person or place, as if tying our destiny to the idolized objects. And pursuing love, we often appear disappointed and lost, complaining about “cruel” destiny which takes us away from “true” love. If only for a moment we pause and dig deeper into the true meaning of the word, and meditate upon our own perception of Love, we would be enchanted by the beauty of the realm which love and destiny create together.

The ancient peoples seemed to understand the nature of love. Moreover, they recognized and acknowledged the variety and equal value of every kind of attraction. The ancient Greeks ascribed different words to describe different kinds of love and affection. Knowing them might hint at the ways of finding some effective ways of sharing and receiving this intangible treasure, the feeling of staying connected, not alone, meaningful. The most known is eros, a physical love, the tight body contact, which was in fact feared by the pragmatic Greeks due to the irrational revelations of the sexual passion; agape as love to everybody, the analogue of gentle Christian love and quiet scientific term empathy. Loyalty between friends, philia, was considered honoured and sacred; there was even love-ludus, a playful childish revelation of natural enthusiasm and love of life.

The classical old Indian teaching of love Kama-sutra, causing so many prejudices in the Western minds, has for the background the philosophy of dharma, or high moral energy, which should be projected, or, manifested through the sensor system, in other words, kama as pleasure should be correspondent to what is worthy and useful. Interestingly, the Greeks had two Aphrodites: Urania, the offspring of Heaven and patroness of spiritual lovve, and Pandemos, the embodiment of lust and bodily instincts. Why has the carnal aspect of Love received such prevailing attention in our modern progressive world? Love is mostly associate with the opposite sex attraction, Pandemos is the only attribute of the goddess of love, and kama is often linked to “dirty desires”. While to serve a Lady in distance, die from unrequited love was normal in the Middle Ages, or serving the God or being vestals or Pythian Priestess in the ancient times was honorable and deserved respect, moderns virgins or disconsolate widowed are seen as “odd” and “antisocial” just because they may find other ways to express and give their love to the world.

Though surely love doesn’t exclude bodily needs and physical aspect of communication, love can be seen as an attitude to the actions we perform, to other realms like animals, plants, or crystals, to arts, books and other forms of human talent. Job, house task, a hobby could be performed mechanically, but could become powerful and changing experience, taking us to new levels of experience or granting us with the emotions. Boring routine can become a magic craft when done with love. In Ancient Egypt the god Nefertum, a baby born inside the divine Lotus, symbolizes the sacred Creation, as if reminding about the necessity of an impulse, wish, desire to begin a global creation. The worlds won’t start without a desire, and love without feelings, a drive and languor, is nothing but a mind illusion.

To find true Love, to follow destiny path with love and manifest it through everyday living, it may be useful to revitalize Aphrodite Urania in your mind and heart, remember Divine source of Love, change the focus of perception, and broad it to the notion of universal all-embracing Cosmic Flow which is waiting for you to join it. No matter what happens, what twists in Destiny you are going through, you are always guarded by and shielded with Love; as long as the threads of Light stream through your heart, they connected you with True Love, and it brings people, events, even animals, actions meant especially for you, which are your destiny. In true Love there are no such terms as “broken”, “alone” or “betrayed”, as you feel yourself the whole world and at the same time a section of the whole.






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