The Moon

August 10, 2016

Archeologist have found evidence the Moon has been a part of spiritual awareness since almost the beginning of our human existence. How could it not inspire awe and have us realize a deeper connection the Moon has on our life here on Earth when the Moon looms in its fullness and then barely becomes a sliver of existence in the sky. How frightening and overwhelming it must have been for our ancestries.

History buffs will also know among the ruins of a past life there are icons and imagery that are meant to pay honor and respect to our partner in the sky, the Moon. We plant and harvest our crops under certain favorable cycles of the Moon. Cultures celebrate with dance and parties when a Full Moon is due to appear. The colors are also attached to certain Moons, is it surprising when the Red Moon is high in the sky it is a good time to pick your ripe strawberries.

We can call the Moon the Goddess or the Man in the Moon; either are meant as compliments and understanding its importance in the influences of our lives. If you know someone who was born under the astrology sign ruled by the Moon of Cancer, you could encounter a happy, fun with a big sense of humor type of person one moment or if the Moon moves into a different phase we could visit with a moody and melancholy Crab.  Because they are ruled by the Moon, their moods are like the tides of the ocean and ebb and flow with the movement of the Moon.

The Moon is so important in Tarot she has her own Major Arcana card. When we meet The Moon in a reading you have been through some tough stuff. The dark night of the soul is what many would say in ancient Tarot – and that is her point – to scare the stuffing out of you so you are no longer scared.

I have come to learn, when the universe really wants to get to work with us strong-willed, some may say stubborn individuals, it sometimes needs to humble us first. Not only do we become better people though our experience but our intuition becomes heightened and essential to our survival. Because we build power and strength through our daily conversations with this guidance. This is part of the lesson of the Tarot card, The Moon.

This gal rules the waters of our emotions, dreams and fears. The Tarot card of the High Priestess reveals her secrets, no such luck with her sister, The Moon – this mama of the sea wants you to dive deeply into her realm, get lost in her world, come awful close to feeling overwhelmed and drowning – she is a Major Arcana lesson and that is the point – for when you explore where she asks.
She changes your life forever for the better, as she cleanses you in the same waters and you emerge a more enlightened and confident you.

Dreams, psychic ability and astral travel are covered under this card. So are magic, mystery and enchantments. All these powers are available to you. Hercate is our Moon goddesses name and you can see why her domain is heaven, the earth and the underworld. This is can be such a productive card if we allow this goddess to do her work with us.
While her deep seas may seem scary, they represent the greater collective of the unconscious – an ocean that has no boundaries and holds all our answers if we can learn to listen. Mediate to get connected to this stream of the subconscious, stay faithful and hopeful. Not unlike a seashell we pick up at the beach and place to our ear – we can hear the gentle roar of the waves carrying the coded message of The Moon to help you navigate her waters.

Fear is a powerful unseen force that can prevent us from believing in our own thoughts and abilities. The Moon card teaches us we are better than negativity and we can work to rise above such thinking and replace it with positive and constructive action!

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