Spiritual Children

The Inner Child

November 23, 2013

There is a child that lives inside us all, some theories call it an ego state and some part of our concious mind. But whatever it is called it is often a part of our selves we ignore or are embarrassed about. We think we should be mature and grown up and able to cope with anything. But the inner child stores all of those things good or bad that happened to us as children, what we learnt from our parents and how we learnt to cope as a child. This part of us influences our adult behaviour and taught us how to cope.

We have to honour this child and in some cases even re-parent that child, we have to let that little boy or girl know that its ok now to do whatever it was that they could not do or feel as a child, or its ok to stop doing something e.g. being quiet or scared now. We need to nurture them and let them out to play too, especially if they were not allowed to play when they were little, we have to reach out for support for ourselves especially if that child did not get any.

Sometimes we need help to reach our inner child and heal them, we have counsellors you can talk to face to face or by telephone and agony aunts too.

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