The Harmony Of Easter

March 30, 2018

Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays all over the world. Hope and light it brings are felt even by those who don’t belong to Christianity tradition. Though every year it is happening on a different day, the holidays still mark the spring time. It may be cold outside but the magic word Easter can lift your spirit up. For most, it is associated with the family gatherings, for others, – with religious practices, like fast and night service. For those who respect the ancient traditions, Easter causes images of the spring Goddesses. It is believed that the Easter is strongly linked to Ostara, the Pagan feast of the spring equinox.

Thinking about Equinox may also grant a better understanding of Easter and allow opening your chakras, improve the inner mood of peace and bring new inspiration. Easter is not only the time of renewal and resurrection but through the association with the astronomical equality of day and night, stimulates to think about the inner balance of light and darkness. If we are like a microsystem of Nature, we pass through same changes again and again, as Nature does. And the feast of Ostara made us reflect upon balancing the energies of decay and progress, sleep and awakening, passiveness and dynamics. In Tarot a wonderful and extremely challenging Arcana Judgement is so close to the idea of Easter. The trumpet of Angel calls to rise as Easter bells call to wake up, listen, perceive, accept and follow. Summer is still far yet preparation needs to be started now. Remembering the burdens of winter doesn’t mean carrying them further. Fears, sorrows, things that gone, people who left, it is all in the past cycle, a new one should begin.

Connected to Jesus who finally received the ultimate point of His path of Redemption and raised to Heaven to join his true Home, Easter reminds about the spiritual freedom we have to aim at, and which is so much more than purely dry phrases of prays, words of forgiveness, or social participating in group activities. The free spirit is powerful creative force which drives to create, commit big and hard deeds, help others, forgetting yourself. Resurrection may symbolize the courage to sacrifice the bodily instincts to lift your soul and heart to the high vibrations of the Heaven.

Easter teaches not to be afraid of death. In fact, we forget, death is everywhere: our nails, hair, skin regularly die, are cut and grow again; our relationships often transform and often “die”, and the restore or the new are born; things around us get spoiled and we repair them or make new, the fruits rotten and new appear, cloths are worn out and we make and buy new; Nature dies but reborn each spring again. We don’t ignore our body, people and material reality, constantly polishing, maintaining and taking care of them. To overcome death doesn’t mean to run from it, decline its existing, or be afraid of it. As soon as death is a natural process and is inevitable for all, hope and inspiration from the spiritual understanding shouldn’t paralyze but inspire for more creative and dynamic deeds. And Easter time is of the best to charge yourself with the necessary divine inspiration which will keep us courageous and peaceful, both in joys and sorrows of everyday life.

The colourful eggs we are so used to during the Easter time bear such a deep symbolic meaning that wouldn’t be suspected in such a trivial everyday food as an egg. The egg was a symbol of initial creation, the source out of which the single god appeared, who, in turn, gave life and created other deities in different ways. But the first was this Cosmic, primordial, World Egg from which the Orphic Protogonus (which could be the main god Zeus, or love deity Eros, or nature god Pan), or the ancient Egyptian Ra arise. Colouring the egg, we seem to grant our potential and still invisible future with special blessings of happiness, well-being and health; drawing the patterns on its oval surface, we draw the lines of destiny, creating the tangled path which is going to be full of discoveries and lessons.

On one hand, tenderness of the female energies of spring Goddesses, the idea of Maiden who innocently enjoys beauty and life, and on the other hand, the severe, dramatic transformation offered by Christ with a call to commitment and higher joy of mind and spirit; those two seemingly opposite forces just reflect the nature of Ostara period, the period of equal growth of female and male, heart and mind, new young body and renewed refreshed spirit.


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