The Empath’s Story

September 25, 2013

I love hearing how our readers found their gifts, don’t you? Here Jen tells us about the gift that ran in the family !

When I was very young, my granddad would come to visit us with strange gifts like a brand new cooker and that night, our old cooker would just break. Another time our washing machine flooded the house and within an hour, my granddad arrived with a brand new one.

As I got older I realized that everyone seemed startled by f this. My mother would say things like “how does he just know things?” or “its uncanny, how did he know, how is that possible?”  But I never understood all the commotion, I just thought that everybody knew things or felt things. I knew at an early age I was different in how I related to people and situations, feeling different vibrations and energies and when I felt sadness or anger in a room. It would make me physically ill, and I would wonder why nobody else could see through people’s fake smiles and pretentiousness.

To be honest, I thought maybe they could but as you grow up you don’t become sickly or anything any more.  But the older I got the stronger it got, until eventually I could barely enter a room without being inundated with  absolute anxiety, like a thousand emotions, feelings, thoughts all coming at me at once. I thought I was losing it, drowning in my own fears and tensions. Sitting in a doctor’s office or anywhere with a lot of people was a nightmare.

When I was about 18 I began keeping a diary of places, people and the feelings that went with them. I had been practising the Tarot for a long time as most of my family were also readers, both with the Rider Waite deck and also the Marie Anne Lenormand fortune deck (oracle). However I only  ever did them for others in my family as they could not read themselves,  due to bias when you try to read yourself.

Anyway, a friend came over for a coffee and straight away I knew something wasn’t right, I could feel it, I felt so sad and angry at the same time and terribly sick as well. So for the first time ever, I did a spread for my friend. Within minutes of spreading the cards and turning them over, I knew what had happened, it was like an alarm had gone off in my head. The feelings, the thoughts, the absolute sense of dread mixed with excitement I had felt all these years was not my own, but those of others. My friend had caught her partner cheating with another of our very close friends and the reading had shown me this, but it also portrayed a way forward and how this was meant, no matter how hard at that moment in time, there was a silver lining, seemingly for both of us.

Since then, I have never looked back, I still can’t 100% switch off to peoples vibrations but I can control it. I learned that I am what is called an intuitive empath and I use my cards as a tool in which I can use my gift to its full advantage – to help people. I’m a caring and ethical reader and I love how the cards give us the answers we need, rather than the ones we seek.

The Tarot is not something to be afraid of; it gives us knowledge, truth and a deep understanding of ourselves and what we can do to make our lives better. We can see snippets of the future unfold beautifully and it is a helpful guide to our concerns and issues, what choices we have and what to be aware of either now, or in the future it.

I have completed many readings since then and received so much positive feedback that it makes it all worthwhile.

Just remember everyone is in control of their own destiny, and if you hear something about your future that you have not liked, you are fully capable of choosing another path, as nothing in this life is set in stone. A Tarot or any other card reading should leave you with a sense of hope and put you in a more positive place emotionally, the cards do not judge, they show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

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