The Culture Of True Love.

November 30, 2017

True love is a tempting thought and it can be called a Utopia of a new Age. If to reflect upon this attractive phrase, we would be surprised to realise that love is by no means the stiff fixed picture of “happy end” as media culture so effectively impose. It is a process, a series of everyday actions, moreover, it is a magic and mysterious: strange occurrences happen, you start behaving differently, think and feel differently, and get the interesting sense to be sprinkled with some star golden powder.

We all know that true love demands maturity and there is a lot discussed the building of any kind of relationships. But how solid and secure will be the building without the invisible magic extract of wonder, excitement, inspiration? The art to be as a child is another secret ingredient of true love, and those families, couples, friends who preserve the ability to enjoy the moment, to play, to feel the game yet without turning into capricious demanding spoiled kids, those seem to feel the sparkles of Love. A thin measure or, perhaps, an inseparable connection between maturity and childhood is one of the paradoxes of love. Everyone dreams of being happy, having a loving, caring, kind partner who would secure positivity and spiritual comfort. Maybe it is a primary task to take care and be kind to our inner child, while turning to the empresses and emperors of our mature lives? Then we have to remember that relationships are alive unless both support them, only then there is a blend, and an alchemical wonder occurs. True love is always transforming, and nothing remains the same once you have been touched by it.

Love can come even from the depths of the dark side of life. How many experienced the truth of the saying “There is one step from hate to love”. This experience is intense and transforming which allowed discovering power and open huge potential but it is hard. However, easiness is not what love is about. It doubtfully means hard physical labour of earning money and household duties, though often it is just a frustrating condition of physical existence.

True love has plenty of individual interpretations, explanations, even scientific research, which might be the most hopeless way to understand the meaning and sense of love. Though precious and valuable, words and intellectual efforts might render just partially all the richness and multifaceted nature of love because it is heart which contains the knowledge and this heart is the core, around which the Kingdom of heaven is being built. True love has one simple and easily recognized feature: person feels good. The feeling is impossible to think or not to think, you can only feel it with your heart. When your heart sinks from unexpressed emotions, or starts beating faster, when you cannot restrain inspiration to share and create spreading power from your heart as if it is The Holy Grail full of magic and healing waters, it is a sign not to ignore.

Ancient wise men and ancient religions were worshipping Love, and in the temples the sacred rituals between the priestesses and gods were taking place. Long ago, both men and women were gods and goddesses. The deifying of mortals was not the signs of pride, vanity or power, but witness of sacredness of human holistic nature, where mental, emotional, and physical bodies stay in harmony and exist cooperatively? When has humanity become so separated from their own selves, partitioned on multiple identities, hostile to each other? Where did those conflicts, guilt, doubts between love and duty, love and purity, love and passion, love and beauty appear from? When have we become the enemy of own heart? When have we turned to robots with functions forgetting the sacredness of love? If we strive at establishing the blessed culture of true love, we must find and believe in it, remembering, that love is passion, attraction, help, a warm word or hug, heroic or crazy deed, and many other things. Love is a duty, nevertheless performed with joy and pleasure, otherwise it becomes a hypocritical existence for show. Love is passion and dependence but if bonds turn to chains, it is not love but a prison. Love is beauty, nevertheless, beauty of nails, hair and clothes are not enough and deeper beauty of invisible is needed.

Tarot tells the story of Love, containing its variety and inner diversity. Addressing the cards to know, predict, or research, in the end you reveal that they teach love. While exploring the deck one might wonder why there are no Arcana for true love? It is no wonder, as each of them describes the stages of the complex and dangerous path of developing qualities and strengths to develop and be worthy of true love. There are The Lovers, and the key concept is choice and free will. There is also The Devil who shows mostly toxic relations, and sexual side of love. The Minor Arcana of Cups, especially Two and Ten, which reflect the classic romantic attraction and happy family.

Love is daily choice, and we take a decision: to live in patterns and sufferings, or weave a unique print of personal destiny. When you choose Love, you don’t regret about the past steps warding off the demons of guilt, you see the direction to move tearing the fog of doubts, and you have enough courage to face the future, no matter what challenges it brings to you.


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