The Crown Chakra

February 15, 2014

The Crown chakra or Sahasrara is the highest chakra and deals with wisdom and the death of the body. It is in charge of our ability to be fully connected spiritually. Sahasrara is connected to the release of karma, meditation, and universal consciousness and unity.

Location: either at the crown of the head, or above the crown of the head

Colour: Violet

If your Crown Chakra is open and fully functioning, you y feel connected to a higher power, whether you feel that is god, spirit, the universe or simply your higher self. You know that that you are being watched over; you have an attitude of gratitude for all things and people in your life. You have a high self esteem and are free from doubts about yourself. You are often described as glowing.

If your Crown Chakra is closed you tend to feel little or no connection to any higher power, and feel lonely.  You feel deserted by any higher power and often have been abandoned in life, you often state ‘my head hurts’. If this chakra is over active you will live in your head, over intellectualising life or becoming so engrossed in your spiritual development your bodily needs will be ignored. You may suffer from headaches and migraines, left/right brain disorders and a lack of control over your coordination. There may be mental health issues, neuralgia, dementia, epilepsy and issues with blood vessels.

As with all chakras it’s pretty easy to start to open the crown chakra up –

  • Become aware of your dreams and note them down, they may be visions and messages from a higher power, look at developing spiritually and believe in your intuition.
  • Spend time in silence as this is best way to open this chakra
  • Bring violet in to life through clothes, decor, ornaments and jewellery including diamonds
  • Use essential oils like lavender and lilac
  • Eat and drink violet foods e.g. passion fruit, aubergine, plums

There are some meditations for opening this chakra but you must first have opened and strengthened your ROOT chakra. You need to be able to stay grounded to open this chakra.

  • If possible sit comfortably with your legs crossed on the floor, if this not possible find a comfortable upright chair and sit on that. Ensure you will not be disturbed and the room is as quiet as possible
  • Concentrate for a few minutes on the floor beneath yourself and feel at one with it, ensure you feet are flat on the floor. Then concentrate on your breathing in and out.
  • Lay your hand before your stomach. Let the little fingers point up and away from you, touching at their tops, and cross the rest of the fingers with the left thumb underneath the right.
  • Concentrate on the crown chakra and all it can bring to you, clear your mind and try to remain at peace with the silence. Simply concentrate on the chakra and relax.
  • After no more than 10 minutes imagine your feet having roots into the floor and those roots are now pulling you back into the room. When you can feel your feet on the floor gently open your eyes and come back to reality.

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