The Art Of Grounding

December 10, 2018

Grounding receives more and more popularity as a way to obtain balance and positive mood in conditions of distraction, stress and overwhelmed feelings. This copying technique is fast, cost-effective and available to everyone. There are plenty of recommendations about how to reach the so desired state of balanced and positive mood. To become focused, calm and productive in the state of emotional extremes, grounding returns the feeling of present focusing attention and thinking on the present moment. Most of them relate to the physical activity which is an obvious and most logic way to release from stress and tension. Another group of advice touches the more intangible realm of mediations, visualizations and other techniques of mindfulness. It is easy though to get lost among the diversity of advice, and lose time and finally enthusiasm after constant trying. Often many people give up, considering it all nonsense, or unhelpful. It might happen because of a wrong understanding of the situation and not enough knowing of self.

Firstly, it is important to understand the nature of the stress, whether it is short-term or long term. A short argument, or traffic jam, or just a bad day slightly break your plans or just deprives you of pleasant emotions. This kind of problems may be easily solved by breathing, simple yoga, imagining. However, if you face a serious illness or experience constant abuse at a workplace, family or relationship, this demands more complex approach towards grounding which should become long-term and regular, and ideally, should lead to the profound change in life.

The second nuance is to understand and know yourself enough to find just an appropriate way to ground. If you are a choleric fire sign with the high anxiety level, it is doubtful you will be able to breathe and think about the process meanwhile imagining beautiful positive images. On the contrary, it is a potential danger that you will burst even with stronger anger after the unsuccessful first attempt. At the same time, spiritual water signs will doubtfully go for a run, or do other sports because for them it is additional stress and multi-stepped problem rather than relaxation. Maybe a hot bath with the candles and music would be just fine to compose emotions and regain a necessary focus. Nevertheless, despite all stereotypical astrological or psychological views on personality, every individual knows better what applies to him/her.

The secret of successful grounding lies in combinations. For instance, as Pisces bordering with Aries, I may offer the following way. There was a tense and decisive period in my life when during almost two months I spent around 12-18 hours at the computer desperately rushing for a deadline. Each day my fear to fail grew turning into anxiety concerning my complete impossibility to breathe out and have at least some time to restore: I couldn’t take any hour to recharge effectively to continue, also feeling how my thinking slows down. There was no time for my usual sports practices which takes an hour or more, so I had to invent something effective and fast. As Pisces, I need to have a spiritual meaning of my actions; perhaps, Aries part gives me restlessness and long for a result. So to combine those two needs, I designed a short “Chakra work-out”, adding sports to traditional esoteric meditation, or, adding esoteric dimension to sports. It can be done during just in seven minutes. The point is to grasp all seven levels, consciously doing a certain exercise for a certain body part: starting from a short affirmation or pray, filling the Crown Chakra, go down to the neck, chest, abdominals and hips, and do a short run to charge the red Root Chakra, and again return upwards. The scientific research showed how even watching sports might positively influence the muscles, so why not to use brain power to speed up the results from physical activity when you don’t have hours for fitness. This Chakra exercise makes you focus on colours, symbols, ideas of each zone, while warming up the body, thus, distracting you from stressful thoughts and perfectly grounds in the present moment. After this practice you feel refreshed and capable of doing things again.

Grounding involves senses, and sense of touch reflects the grounding the best way. Cleaning may become a perfect way for active people for whome a psychological comfort lies in ordering and structuring the world around them. No matter, in the room, bathroom, or kitchen, but touching and thinking over each item, from a bottle of perfumes to a plate, connects you to your personal history, life, energy, as things reflect us. Sorting out the favorite loved things, careful monitoring of everything broken, damaged, old or no longer necessary is what needed in stress. This activates your memory, motives your plans, release you from burdens, and inspire after all.

Grounding is about a single question, “What do you need to feel good?”. In the end, it is about our priorities, values, desires. We don’t live in a black-and-white world; our day may be equally filled with positive and negative events which may not overlap and neutralize each other. While there is always something complicated to solve, there is also still a lot to nurture us, but we often cloud it with our own fears and anxious thoughts. We must learn to appreciate and perhaps, give more sense to those positive feelings, which may become an excellent grounding at the end of the day. Going to bed, recall the tender look and kiss of your beloved rather than a failure of a deadline, or once again replay your job success in your mind putting aside the family conflicts. Negative will wait till tomorrow, and now it is important to have a good rest, to recompose and restore, to be able to meet a new day with new challenges. Remember Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind, with her famous and effective affirmation: “I will think about it tomorrow”.

The Ancient Egyptian wisdom says, that “a single day gives to eternity, and one hour does good for the future”. It is always useful to have a saying, or proverb, or any religious maxim which has a deep and guiding meaning for you, imprinted in mind, because in the critical moments this wisdom works as an alarm: once stress stops you or fear paralyzes your energy, it rises from the memory and pushes you forward. Firstly, to apply the first-aid grounding techniques, releasing space and energy for further strategy and actions.

It is worth mentioning the popular quote: “The past is history, the future is mystery, the present is a gift”. Regrets about past easily drive us into depression, fear of future provokes anxiety, and present is often missed between these two extremes. See your present, become aware of your actions and your being this very moment, and you will feel how your body, soul and mind bridge your past with your future, healing the former and constructing the latter.

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