Tarot cards – a life changer

October 7, 2013

 As our reader Aditi says about tarot cards it ain’t over till the fat lady sings!

Sometime ago, I hit a new low in life. I had a job which I hated, my boyfriend moved to another country and between the two, I knew that I had a craving to learn something new which I just could not ignore any longer. I am the sort of person who is the happiest when I’m studying. I’m also the sort of person who would pick a paperback over a Kindle and a pen and paper over this keyboard. So imagine my joy when I found a pack of Tarot cards – I could hold them, feel them, shuffle them!

Reading Tarot cards started off more as a project. I immediately went online, ordered the right books, picked up a pencil and started taking notes. And then I realized I was being too organized for my own good. I simply could not learn how to read Tarot cards from a book! Each card I picked up spoke a new story – and the story changed every time I picked that card up. Sure, the books could help me out with a keyword here and a hidden element there. But learning to read the cards with a book? No way!

The joy of weaving a story using the Tarot cards, and simply the pleasure of realizing that the Tarot cards did actually give me inspiration, changed my life. I have never been able to understand how every time I hold the cards in my hand and ask a question, I get an answer, a hint or even a little nudge in the right direction. What I have understood is that the world is made up of a million colours, and the colour you chose to see today could change your life tomorrow.

What did the Tarot cards do for me? They showed me that a bad job is not the end of the world but letting a bad job ruin everyday probably is. I got out there, worked extra hard at that bad job, and sure enough – I was soon out of that misery all set to join a new team with a new dream. And the boyfriend? He’s my best friend, my worst enemy and the most important part of my life even after months of not seeing each other. The tarot cards did not show me that this is what my future would look like – they just gave me the strength to believe in it. 

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