Inner Peace

June 26, 2014

Dalai Lama speaks on Inner Peace,Inner Values & Mental States  Click here to view Call us on 01302 513272 and 813 699 4241 from the USA (only £15/$23 for 15 mins or £24/$36 for 30 mins) or visit us If you need advice on love and relationship matters, or guidance on your career or Read more…

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Brian Magic

May 10, 2014

Our brains are incredible things, watch Keith Barry  show us how our brains can fool our bodies  Here   Call us on 01302 513272 and 813 699 4241 from the USA (only £15/$23 for 15 mins or £24/$36 for 30 mins) or visit us at


Fragile Self-esteem

March 14, 2014

Self-esteem is a term used your overall emotional evaluation of your worth. It is a judgement of your self as well as an attitude toward yourself. Self-esteem includes beliefs (for example, “I am talented,” “I am worthy”) and emotions such as triumph, despair, pride and shame. So  self-esteem is also closely associated with self-consciousness, self Read more…

Self Esteem Meditation

March 13, 2014

Check out this beautiful meditation to help improve your self esteem by clicking here Do you know our readers can help with self esteem too call now on 01302 513272 UK or 1 813 699 4241 US. Or we also have holistic services who can help too call us on 0115 822 9490  or click here

The Third Eye Chakra

February 8, 2014

The Ajna chakra is connected to our ability to focus and see the big picture and to our intuition. It is in charge of balancing the higher and lower selves. Mentally, Ajna deals with visual consciousness. Emotionally, Ajna is connected to clarity on an intuitive level. Location: Between the eyebrows Colour: Indigo If your third Read more…


Haunted House

February 7, 2014

Check out our reader Bernadette’s beautiful poem and her memories of a haunted house in Wales It stood majestically on its own, I thought the price was wrong. For this grand, imposing property Was being sold for a song. I couldn’t quite believe it, As I tugged on my friend’s sleeve, “It’s even got five Read more…

Visualization to Calm Your Fears

November 7, 2013

Fear often stops us from achieving our goals, it holds us back in relationships and in our career. For some people the fear if taking a risk is so deep the life becomes stagnant and they live in distress, worrying about everything.  There are lots of ways to over come fear, starting one step at Read more…

Why Fit In?

November 5, 2013

We try so hard to fit in don’t we? We change what we wear, how we behave , who we see and most importantly we try to change how we feel so we can be in with the in crowd. The problem is our feeling can not change, we can hide them, we can eat Read more…

Growing Old

October 29, 2013

In our Western culture growing old is something we have to fight at all costs, botox, face-lifts, cheek implants, tucks and wrinkle removers are now big business. We honour the young and fit and try to hide age away from the world and even more frighteningly ourselves. But in other cultures age is celebrated as Read more…

How To Find Peace

October 21, 2013

As humans we strive for bigger and better things in life, you know the job, the house , the car. Our society in the West encourages us to want more and need more, to never be satisfied with what we have got and to envy those who have more than we do. If you stop Read more…