Part Two of How to Use the Tarot Cards

February 28, 2014

Here it is the next part in the series – just press the link here You can of course call us for your own expert reading Call us on 01302 513272 and 813 699 4241 from the USA (only £15/$23 for 15 mins)

Part One of Learning the Tarot

February 25, 2014

Do you want to learn how to complete readings yourself? Watch part one of this easy guide and then give it a go ! Just press on this link – here

Tarot cards – a life changer

October 7, 2013

 As our reader Aditi says about tarot cards it ain’t over till the fat lady sings! Sometime ago, I hit a new low in life. I had a job which I hated, my boyfriend moved to another country and between the two, I knew that I had a craving to learn something new which I just could not Read more…


Counselling With Tarot And Live Psychic Readings

September 27, 2013

Can tarot counselling help? Can  live psychic readings with counselling help too?  In these times of change, transition, and perpetual motion, it’s good to have an oasis, a process that encourages us to slow down.  Or sometimes all we need is to release the fear, the ghosts of the past, that hold us back from the Read more…

live psychic reading

Inspiring Live Psychic Reading

September 26, 2013

Bev tells us about a live psychic reading, a beautiful experience she would like to share. Firstly I would like to thank Susan for allowing me to share her story .As Susan came through to my room I felt a great sense of sadness. She sat down, I started to talk with her, explain how Read more…

The Empath’s Story

September 25, 2013

I love hearing how our readers found their gifts, don’t you? Here Jen tells us about the gift that ran in the family ! When I was very young, my granddad would come to visit us with strange gifts like a brand new cooker and that night, our old cooker would just break. Another time Read more…