How to Practice Forgiveness

March 27, 2014

When we are very small we develop our emotions the usual suspects, fear, happiness, sadness and anger. Anger is developed so we know when someone has wronged us, it helps us develop boundaries and values but we also develop the ability to not let the anger go and develop grudges or plot revenge. As we Read more…

Food and Drink

Count Down to a Calm Christmas – Food and Drink

December 11, 2013

Its a great season to eat the best of foods and drink the great winter staples like mulled wine. We all promise that we are not going to overdo it but most of end up eating at least three turkey dinners over late December and suffer from several hangovers. Some simple tricks for those big Read more…

Positive Attitude

October 22, 2013

Charlie Chaplin brought laughter and happiness to millions of people around the world, yet he came from the poorest of backgrounds. he was sent to the workhouse, his father ran away and his mother was mentally ill. Yet he never stopped believing in his abilities and knew that he had to be positive to make Read more…

The World is a Mirror

October 18, 2013

We project all our likes, loves, fears and inadequacies on to the world, if we give these qualities to others we either do not have to experience them or we don’t have the fear of failing to achieve them. Our projections are often influenced by what happened in our childhood and who influenced us the Read more…

Love Yourself Warts and All

October 9, 2013

We spend too much time looking at the negatives in life and in our selves. We will damage our self esteem if we just pick away at our faults, self acceptance although difficult will being us peace. So demons and all love what is ¬†inside, ignore those who tell you different and find peace of Read more…