Jane Fonda – Life’s Third Act

August 2, 2014

Listen to Jane Fonda’s talk on growing old and the wonderful changes this can bring – Here Call us on 01302 513272 and 813 699 4241 from the USA (only £15/$23 for 15 mins or £24/$36 for 30 mins) or visit us


June 6, 2014

Authenticity is all about the real you, check out this funny but thought provoking TED talk from Mike Robbins – HERE  Call us on 01302 513272 and 813 699 4241 from the USA (only £15/$23 for 15 mins or £24/$36 for 30 mins) or visit us at

Belonging vs Fitting in

May 1, 2014

Check out this short but important piece on belonging  here Call us on 01302 513272 and 813 699 4241 from the USA (only £15/$23 for 15 mins or £24/$36 for 30 mins) or visit us at



December 3, 2013

Lightworkers have reached a high stage of enlightenment before they chose to incarnate on earth and start their mission to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear. They consciously choose to become entrenched in the realities of human life, often choosing to do this at the harshest levels, and to Read more…


November 12, 2013

Why does it make us feel so much better when we forgive? We have all been hurt by the words or deeds of some else, whether its criticism or betrayal we feel wounded and then we get angry even to the point of seeking vengeance. This anger becomes a burden that brings us down, drains Read more…

Stop Waiting and Take the Risk

November 11, 2013

We often believe we have to have the perfect timing before we can do something, you know I’ll be able to go for another job when I get promoted in this one, or I will go back into education when the kids leave home. We wait to be ready or for everything else to be Read more…

Visualization to Calm Your Fears

November 7, 2013

Fear often stops us from achieving our goals, it holds us back in relationships and in our career. For some people the fear if taking a risk is so deep the life becomes stagnant and they live in distress, worrying about everything.  There are lots of ways to over come fear, starting one step at Read more…

The Sound of Silence

October 10, 2013

Silence is often feared, especially if someone is upset, we as helpers want to fill the gap and make it all all right again! We feel uncomfortable and ask what should we be doing. But silence is the helpers greatest gift, people need to process what they have just said or felt, they need to Read more…

Tarot cards – a life changer

October 7, 2013

 As our reader Aditi says about tarot cards it ain’t over till the fat lady sings! Sometime ago, I hit a new low in life. I had a job which I hated, my boyfriend moved to another country and between the two, I knew that I had a craving to learn something new which I just could not Read more…