Female Archetypes – the Goddess

March 8, 2014

Justine carries on her descriptions of archetypes this time its the goddess who lives in all of us, but which goddess are you? Call us now UK 01302 513272 USA 1 813 699 4241 Like male archetypes female archetypes can be divided in two groups: virgins and vulnerable; while one goddess combines features of both. The Read more…


Male Archetypes – the Gods

March 7, 2014

Here Justine explains more about archetypes – the male Gods Check her out on the website or  call us now UK 01302 513272 USA 1 813 699 4241 All the characters in Greek mythology possess symbolic meaning, yet gods remain the initial and most significant. They are part of our psychology and the most powerful. Read more…


The Power of Archetypes

March 2, 2014

Our reader Justine has developed this quick and easy guide to the complex subject of archetypes – which one are you? Call us now UK 01302 513272 USA 1 813 699 4241 Why do we need to know about archetypes? Nowadays life demands us so much we sacrifice our personality and individual impulses to exist Read more…

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