March 30, 2016

The spring season is full of changes. It’s the time of year that promises renewal and a brand new period after the short days and long nights of winter. Spring is the season that we usually take the time to deep clean our kitchen, and our whole house; It is also a time to take special care of our health, supplementing our diet with vitamin C in order to avoid the changing of seasons to affect our bodies negatively with fluctuating allergies.
Seasons are essential to the transition and evolution of our planet, and I believe that spring is a positive season of new beginnings: it represents renewal. Winter is time of introspection, but spring is the beginning of a new cycle, and offers us the opportunity of freshness, of deeper growth and spiritual cleansing. As spring comes, think about which area of your life requires a rebirth. While you’re cleaning out closets and sweeping under the furniture, review your new year’s resolutions, or redefine them. Focus on the path you want to take in order to achieve your goals. Make a commitment to be true to yourself, and get to know the essence of who you are. Try a new approach to things, or look at the same old things in a different way.During the spring season, the earth reawakens and bless us with new life. In our own lives, spring is a time when the universe is inspiring us to come up with new ideas, new projects, and the chance to improve our health and physical well being. Our soul is craving for spring awakening, and we should search for the deepest meaning of things, develop self-awareness to take care of ourselves, and our surroundings.

Nurturing our spiritual side during this season can have an eternal influence. For the same reason that our bodies are temples we must preserve, our soul needs constant surveillance and care, too. Winter represents a period for rethinking and revaluation, while spring is a time for mentally, physically and spiritually refreshment. Remember that it is not always easy to stay on the right track when we are going through changes in our lives, but when we ask for the Higher Power to guide us and support us, we are able to maintain our focus.

Spring is a time to reflect on what you are prepared to let go, in order for something new to come into your life. Maybe there are issues that you have put to one side and are unresolved, this season helps us to think about past lessons, where we learn the importance of embracing and adapting to change over time. There’s nothing quite like fresh air and sunshine to refresh your mind, body, and soul. The energy of spring inspires us and feel refreshed in our thoughts. Allow yourself to feel this vibrancy, this freshness, deep within your being.

Seize the days as spring begins, use that inspiration to focus your time and energy on your future, and leave all negativity behind. Take a deep breath, inhale the spring air, feel the sunshine, and invite the good energy into your life. Spring always brings about a feeling of fresh, new possibilities. It’s a light of hope from the dark shades of winter. Now that spring is here, welcome all the new beginnings, and remember that no winter lasts forever.


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