Spiritual House Cleaning

May 22, 2015

Spring house cleaning season is upon us! As with your physical home, your spiritual house can use a cleaning up during the season that represents fresh starts and renewal. What spiritual aspects about your personality would you make shine, which would you throw out?
Like a good home and garden glossy magazine that features helpful spring cleaning tips, I have assembled a to-do list to help you get your spiritual shine on!

Start by opening the windows of your mind. Let a new way of thinking and new attitudes to fill up your thoughts. After the long winter many of us have experienced, we need to make sure we are not staying shuttered in but using the vitality that spring offers to do its work and wake us up to fresh ideas and possibilities.

Bring color into your life and personality! When we are surrounded by colors that either energize or sooth us we feel comfortable and able to handle. Why not update your personality by knowing when you need to get revved up in your energy space or calm down in your meditative sanctuary.

Take the time daily to tidy up your mind and spirit into a balanced state. Like unlinked socks in a drawer, it is much easier to sort through your happenings daily then when you are caught off guard scrambling to find your other important thought when you really need it.

Wear your rubber gloves when dealing with toxic people and situations. Sometimes life requires us to handle some rough and potentially poisonous aspects but if we use forethought by reading the labels of the people and situations we are dealing with we can apply the proper care and a cool and purposeful mindset to get through the task unfazed.

Clear out your emotional closets. Feelings are different than emotions. Emotional actions and reactions like high-energy drama are useless and can cause confusion and hurt in our spiritual house and need to be placed curbside.

While you are in spiritual closet, dig deep, pack up and throw out the other useless clutter of your insecurities, fears, worries, anxieties and doubts. Visualize your virtual garbage truck hauling them away!

Put a polish on your approach to yourself and others. Take away the grime of negativity in all its hidden forms. The spiritual molds of being critical, unsupportive, combative, ungrateful, even whining can build up rather quickly but it can take some time to clean them up. Do not be afraid to apply some mental muscle to these areas.

Be brave and shine a light in your spiritual attic and basement. Remove the secrets we can harbor in these out of the way places. Secrets only control us when they stay hidden. If you need to fess up to God for forgiveness, spring is the season traditional celebrated for all of our forgiveness.

Let the sun into your spiritual house. Where have you closed the curtains, grumbling about the cold? When we have a sunny disposition and outlook on life, we can live with the sun always on our shoulders regardless of the climate outside.

Do some spiritual landscaping and plant the seeds of your future. Give your imagination and inspiration care and a chance to grow. Shine your optimism and hope to nourish their tomorrow.

Lastly, dust off and clean up those creative and spiritual ambitions you have always wanted to accomplish. Do not let the daily grind of life take away from your time with God and your dreams. Apply the effort. No matter what our age or position, we can easily speak with God for guidance and fulfillment of our dreams.

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