Spiritual Healing

September 25, 2015

One of God’s greatest gifts for us is our ability to connect with our universal power to heal our spiritual selves even while our mind and body might be in the mist of chaos. Spiritual healing, the healing of our soul, is available to each of us and at all times through prayer and our personal connection and conversation with God.

Hope and prayer is all some of us had to rely on through what many would deem a difficult last decade. Some many changes on so many fronts had many of us reaching out to God to understand our place and direction in this whirlwind. And those of us who did, learned that our spiritual healing and renewal is possible everyday despite any outside influences. I know we have found a daily joy that ignites our soul to feel alive and hopeful at all times. This is the promise of God.

Spiritual healing also allows the past to stay in the past. When we face head-on the situations God places in our path to learn from we become stronger and confident we are here for a bigger purposes then to meet the mortgage, staying in an unfulfilling job or even marriage. These insights empower us to do something positive and constructive to make our lives matter to us and God. This too is the promise of God.

When you still your mind and heart to outside noise and desire and pray for the connection of God’s message, get ready to receive. And some of you may get a message that you may not dig at first because it is counter intuitive to what your mind is screaming you should do. That’s ok, it is meant to happen in this way. Like a wound which may need peroxide to heal speedily and safely, the sting of your message will pass as well. This is not only the promise but the truth of God.

And some truths we may need to face to move forward. In Tarot there are several cards in the Suit of Cups that deal exactly with how honest we want to be about our own feelings, intentions and motivations so we can see and understand them in others. Valuing and respecting yourself is a big part of the lessons. The more we feel this way about ourselves the better we can see if it exists in others in the way they treat us.

Sometimes when we experience an emotional hurt seeking quiet time to reveal what we need to get our head and heart back on track is required. It is through this stillness we receive our insight from God. Whatever has placed you in a tough spot you feel you cannot get out from, believe you can and the first part of you that you need to heal and strength is your spiritual muscle. This is where all your confidence and power comes from.

Take time daily for you and your spirit. Whether it is two minutes or hours of quiet personal time with God, start somewhere. Still your mind of any negative input, insecurities and fears. These style thoughts just our zap energy and are counterproductive to God’s message for us. Be brave by digging deep into asking God to bring a daily dose of joy and the confidence of faith through your spirit. God will answer and will get to work in healing you and building up your spirit.  Remember, God’s definition of our happiness can differ from what ours may be at this time. Trust the message.

Act in the way of God. The quickest way to build your spiritual wherewith all starts be acting in the way of God. A daily prayer I use is asking God to work through me and for me. It keeps me on track and through this process I have had to learn a great deal about myself. And by acting this way, I have grown to not only value, respect and understand others but myself as well.

If you have taken God’s challenge to become empowered through spiritual growth – give yourself a big pat on the back! I can guess it has not been easy and you are probably exhausted after having expanded every style energy to get where you are standing now. This is God’s way at times.

It is hard to remember how far we have come when we have confronted battle after battle to learn God’s message and direction for us. But I would also guess, like me, it was all worth it. Looking back, I would also wager you understand clearly why you needed to encounter certain people and situations to get you where you are today. Like me, some of you may have been stubborn and prideful at times, thinking my intellect knew better than my spirit what was right. As you can imagine, the message had to be delivered a few times.
This is ok too.

That is the other great gift from God, having embraced my quest for spiritual growth and understanding I no longer worry or fear but truly welcome and look forward to those experiences and encounters that God has set up for me. I hope you continue and join me in this quest as well!

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