Spiritual Energy

October 18, 2014

Spiritual energy is just as real as any other kind of energy, like electricity or magnetic energy. It has many names depending on our beliefs but prana, qi and universal life form are the most common. Whatever you call it, it is carried by pure love and is available to those who have a true and pure motive.

The energy comes from spiritual sources and also from nature itself. The quantity and quality of energy invoked is determined by precise metaphysical laws, the greater the quantity and quality of this energy, and the better it is directed to its target, the more effect it will have.

There are also subtle energies that are not so spiritual in nature.  These are the vibrations of unbalanced, unloving, or disorganized thoughts, emotions, actions, and intentions from others here on earth.  These energies surround us all of the time and can affect us along with the subtle frequencies of electromagnetic devices like cell phones, high tension wires, computers, microwaves, etc.

People sense spiritual energy in different ways.  Some people perceive it as lights or colours, some hear it as a rising pitch and some just know it and for some they use all their sense to pick up this energy. But we can all pick up this natural and subtle energy!

An easy place to start is with people and their energy; supermarkets feel different to a cafe. Have you ever felt someone’s energy watching you and you turn round and you are right? You felt their energy and animal instinct told you he was there. The same as if you stare at the back of someone’s head and they turn around you have sent your spiritual energy to them and they have reacted to it.

If you can feel this energy it is mostly like blushing a strange but deep heat that starts in your face, but then rapidly spreads through your whole body.  That rush of adrenaline that causes the blood vessels in your face to dilate goes through your whole system in seconds and so does the emotional energy that set it off.

So how do we know when people are releasing their energy, they express emotions like laughter, weeping, yelling, burping even being sick. When they do this you can feel the change in their energy. Next time someone does this concentrate on your feelings and notice the changes for you. Watch out for that blushing feeling and maybe feeling extra light, clanging or fluttering. Once you have mastered feeling energy changes the next step is fell energy when it is just being vibrated. Find a tree and sit under it, put you back to the trunk and see what energy you can feel, are you getting warmer or can you hear something new. You have started to feel the tree’s spiritual energy. Or pick up a crystal and try to pick up its energy.

Once you can feel spiritual energy you can use it by linking it to your chakras and then it can enhance your spirituality, health and well-being. You can even pass it on to others if you chose to.

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