Sound Healing

September 21, 2016

We are all made up of different energy frequencies. The health of our physical body is linked to our emotional, mental and spiritual health. Our bodies contain energy frequencies and the sonic frequencies from sound vibrations can be used to retune these energies by gently redirecting the molecules back into the right places, clearing blockages and restoring harmony when they go off key. Sound healing uses sound frequencies to interact with your energy, rebalancing your body’s energy. Soothing vibrations are a powerful catalyst for healing because it touches your soul. The use of relaxing or stimulating sounds to try to rebalance the body has been used as a healing or calming tool for thousands of years. Himalayan singing bowls have been used for prayer and meditation throughout Asia to promote relaxation and wellbeing for centuries. Sound healing involves voice, crystal and Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, tingshas, didgeridoos, gongs, chimes, shakers, rattles, drums, tone generators, and nature sounds in order to promote physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual health.

When the vibrations of our physical and spiritual bodies are out of harmony, it can cause disease. Sound healing therapy has been proved to be not only an effective alternative treatment for problems like anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and PTSD, but also as powerful immune system booster. Divine vibrations of the instruments used in sound healing enables the patient to go into deeply altered state, in which healing is stimulated. The great thing about Sound Healing is that it can help not only physical illness, but will also help balance your emotions and quieten your busy mind, no matter your medical history and health problems. Soothing vibrations have the ability to quickly shift your mood, affecting your subconscious mind where persistent negative thoughts feed on your fears and fuel the fires of stress. Sound healing feels like being wrapped up in a cocoon, where you allow yourself to go on a journey.  Being in a meditative state helps you to identify with the silence that exists between every mental action. It gives you the ability to detach yourself from your thoughts and feelings.

Unfortunately, our brain is built with a negativity bias. It has more neurons dedicated to respond to and process negative thoughts and stimuli than positive ones. We tend to hold onto those negative impressions longer and repeat them more often, either consciously or subconsciously, reinforcing anxiety and fear producing vibrations. Being able to experience Sound Healing is like having a moment. Because everything is vibration, your soul is a frequency. Sound vibrations enables you to find this frequency and resonate a direct connection. Sound healing is the answer when it becomes hard to find your way out of the downward spiral caused by overwhelming stress and anxiety, for the simple reason that everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration, including our bodies.

Sound vibrations unblocks or redirects energy in the body, similar to what happens in acupuncture. As sound healing is an effective  way to alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace, it works like a pathway to experiencing the energy of the universe. Stress kills, and our immune systems are being challenged every moment, but the use of sound can allow you to access a connection to Source where you are one with everything in the Universe. When you raise your vibration, you start functioning in a different frequency, and you became less affected by any negative vibrations in or around you, where physical, mental and emotional healing happens naturally.

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