Signs of Angels

January 29, 2014

Feathers! Feathers! Everywhere!

And not a bird to be found…,

It is our “calling card” for you, dear one,

Proof, that we are around.


Sometimes we like to ring the changes,

Just to keep you on your toes,

You may start to find coins down the backs of chairs,

Among the cushions and the throws!


Failing that, we know that if you’re not looking,

Our signs can be easy to miss,

Therefore: those times you feel raindrops on

Your face?

And the sky is clear?

That is what you call an Angel’s Kiss.


Rainbows are another favourite, too,

You may see more of them when you are feeling blue.

They are the bridge that links our world with yours,

We kid you not, that much is true.


You remember that childhood game

Of looking for shapes in the clouds?

What’s the betting you will begin to see

Us Angels, appearing large and proud.


Now, can you see?

We are with you every-day.

Just waiting for your call

To help you on your way.

If you haven’t yet heard about the work of Angels and how they can help you in your daily life, then I can only assume that you have been living under a rock for the past few years! It seems that everywhere you go these days, the bookshops are literally crumbling under the weight of books about Angels, how you can work with them and how they can enhance your life.

There are myriad websites and Facebook pages too, dedicated to our Winged Friends, and frankly, sometimes I find the information on these overwhelming, and overly complex.

When I began my journey just over seven years now I felt as though it was very complicated indeed. However, seven years on, I will tell you this, folks, it’s only as complicated as you make it.

For instance, I received the message one day, the month after my father passed to Spirit in November 2006, to “Work with the Angels”, and, since I had always been interested in the Spiritual realms, I did act on this advice.

But on further investigation, and reading some books by a well known Angelic author, and perhaps the leader in Angel card decks ( of which I own five, which, I love as they give very effective insights into your questions), I was led to believe that in order to work successfully with  The Feathered Ones, you must not smoke, drink alcohol, tea or coffee, and only consume organic drinks and food, oh, and you must be vegetarian too.

Indeed, when I went on to gain my Reiki attunements up to Master level, my Reiki Masters themselves would also try to instil this type of lifestyle into us, their students.

Of course, it is great if you already do all of the above, that is not my point here, dear reader. My point is that I felt as though I was being brainwashed into living a certain lifestyle that I didn’t want to just because someone decided that in order to communicate with our Angels, we must do all that. While I don’t smoke, and I am not a vegetarian, I do consume non organic foods and I eat meat. I also love a glass of wine at the weekend and tea and coffee which  I drink in moderation. In fact, I enjoy my lifestyle in moderation ( well, sometimes I have more wine than I should!)  and I also love to run in order to clear out the cobwebs from my mind. It is often on these runs that I have a good ol’ chinwag with my Friends.

So, please don’t feel as though you need to completely overhaul your lifestyle in order to have a close relationship with your Angels. They love you regardless of whether you drink alcohol, enjoy a ciggie or eat tons of meat !

So, okay, you understand that, but surely you need to know their names and do all sorts of rituals to get them to notice you, you ask?

Newsflash! No, you don’t !

Listen, it’s totally easy to work with them. Something like “ hey you guys, can you help me with this situation please!” is sufficient for angels to see your plight. What they will not do, however, is step in and interfere in your life, unless you are in grave danger, and then, well, they have been known to work in very miraculous situations.

No, these guys, are absolutely brill, and they aren’t even offended if you don’t know their names. Of course, you can do your own research and find that Archangel Michael is the guy who will protect you from harm, and beautiful Raphael is known for his healing properties, but really, dear reader, you just simply need to ask them for the right Angel for the right job.

Hoping to move house this year? Then just a simple “ Can you help me Angels to fulfil my dream of moving to my perfect property this year”, is enough for these guys . Then, ask them for signs along the way.

You will begin to notice how your life and circumstances begin to change in a more positive way.

Just look out for the signs mentioned in my poem, and you are on your way to developing your own unique and special relationship with these wonderful guys.

Sorry, but you still need to physically do your own housework, there are only certain things they can help you with !

P.S. Don’t forget to thank them for a job well done. It would be rude not to.

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