Seven Wonders Of Spring

March 19, 2018

Spring is the synonym of the beginning. In many cultures, even in very diverse and different, such as the ancient Slavic folk tradition or ancient Iranian ethnic communities, New Year was celebrated in spring. The awakening of Nature from long winter sleep is represented in spring goddesses of Pagan Ostara in and in Christ’s resurrection of the Christians. Awakening and rebirth then may have much deeper meanings than we used to think, and we are able to connect to these energies each year.

Locked in the cities’ jungles and usually isolated from the natural rhythms we still can feel changes inside once we pause and meditate a little about the beauty and power of each season. Spring is not only a sweet flower sense and a sunbeam out of the cloud. The season bears the energies of transformation and renewal, which are not always easy and pleasant, however, for sure are needed and rewarding. For many traditionally spring goddesses, like Greek Persephone, old German Eostre, and Indian Saraswati, a serpent is one of the attributes, and the serpent is one to coil around the World Egg, which is now commemorated in the Easter dyed eggs. Not surprisingly, as being born again after shedding her skin, the serpent becomes the symbol of eternal youth, beauty and rebirth.

Spring gives us a chance to feel the joy of birth again. We may do it at seven steps, or stages, simultaneously. It is time to awake and let the winds of change go through your mind and body. As wise Gandhi once told, speaking about cultural diversity and open-mindedness, we mustn’t keep the windows of our mind stuffed to remain whole. Taking the context of our misbalanced bodies, frozen after winter depression and cold, this policy sounds wise: why not to make a wilful move and start an intense cleaning? Cleansing of all seven bodies, or chakras, remembering that our slightest move may cause a powerful change in future!

Starting from the basic, root chakra, the most obvious step would be moving your physical body: any sports session, more walking, and spending time outdoors if possible. Unleash your power and break the chains of invisible forces and spirits who make you still. Cleaning your personal space from the heaps of unnecessary staff is essential to free room for something new and beautiful. The next, orange chakra of pleasures and beauty, needs to be satisfied in order to move forward. After hard work it is time to pamper yourself with a delicate dish, fine wine, health aroma bath, good sleep; an idle yet aesthetic time-spending will benefit your health, self-esteem and bring you the feeling of peace, so rare in our busy time. At least, feeling a fairy from the flower is much better than being an angry bear awaken from hibernation. And then it is time for the yellow solar plexus zone responsible for will and desires. It is good to manifest to the universe your craziest hopes and wishes, programme your relaxed mind with the goal to be happy and strong, so it charges you later, when you will need a rest. Get to the most urgent business and add a secret ingredient to everything you do: enthusiasm.

The middle chakra, a green area of the heart, is the symbol of spring, because the energy of love, desire to share and care, coloured everything with sense and purpose. If you release your outer and inner space from visible and invisible dust, if you paused, relaxed your mind and granted care to your body, if you dared to dream big, it is natural to feel the desire to embrace all the world, help unfortunate, heal the sick, save animals, trees and seas, and merge in the Earth. Let those odd and epic feeling flood you, they are the healing energy waterfall, a touch of the spring goddesses and nymphs, which will nurture you with freshness. At this stage it is so rewarding to build bridges with those your heart feels, close or those at a distance, even though it is a short call, or message.

The next three chakras of the throat, third eye and crown vibrate with the blue and violet colours, and reflect our connection to the highest source of energy: our divinity. What can be better than to think about spiritual balancing and meditate about the young Flora, the goddess of the flowers, and other spring female deities, or meditate upon Christ’s path, moreover, it is Easter approaching. Whatever you load your mind and thoughts with, and whatever you are talking about, expressing your opinions, is recorded in the brain and memory, and project this information into your reality and events.

For some areas spring doesn’t mean sun and warmth, and entire March does not differ from winter much. In spite of cold, the heart feels, and follows the inner call for change, hoping for best summer to come, for blessings, and Light.

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