Self Love Deficit

October 19, 2013

How often do we look for someone else to make us feel better about ourselves? The line ‘you complete me’ is often quoted but is absolutely the wrong thing to look for in a relationship. The tasks we set for someone to make us feel good about ourselves is an impossible one and so many relationships fail because our partners cannot live up to our expectations.

Our first and most important relationship  must be with ourselves, we must love ourselves, yes self love is not vain or selfish its necessary ! We must treat ourselves the way we want to be treated, respect ourselves the way we want to be respected and honour ourselves the way we want to be honoured.

The universe will find us partners who will treat us the way we treat ourselves (like energy attracts like energy). Start today love yourself and stop looking for someone else to do it for you. We have counsellors for you on our website and Zodiac Spa to help with self esteem if you want to look at this.

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