March 3, 2016

Self-empowerment can be the great engine that moves us forward daily to achieve our dreams or be the dimmest spark to light our way through difficult times. And faith is the fire for this fuel of our potential.  If your dream is to have successful business achievements or to experience a great love, it can all be possible when we have self-empowerment at our core. If we are lucky we can couple our self-empowerment with our journey of self-enlightenment to turbo charge towards our destiny.
Many of us may not be blessed enough to have others who support our efforts so we must strive to develop our self-empowerment skills so we can be our own cheer leaders. If you have people who encourage you help them along by believing in you as much as they do!
Self-empowerment begins with a conversation with our self. When we are speaking with ourselves we need to make sure it is of the best quality. Proverbs 23:7 states clearly, ‘For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.’ Or as I like to say in modern day terms, where the heart goes, the mind and mouth will quickly follow.This type of thinking goes beyond self. You are working to connect your spirit with the super conscience of the universe or as I favor God. This connection has your best interest and holds all your answers, transforming your thoughts and actions, towards our self as well as others. This is empowerment. When we can trust in this guidance we can strive for self-empowerment that is removed from our material selves. We can make decisions based on a bigger picture perspective and not from our own ego and prideful views. We can work and reap the rewards from subduing animal drives such as anger that only destroy. We can feel a peace and joy when we are not plagued by insecurities and doubts about who we are and where we are going. We become special in our own eyes.When our thinking is set on this path it becomes easier to understand and utilize our unique abilities. We can become expert problem solvers where applying a positive attitude leads to our solutions. Meditation can help begin the daily constructive conversation you need to undertake with yourself. Begin by understanding you deserve all the happiness God and the universe has to offer us. When we build our self-empowerment muscle we are taking mastery over the most important aspect of our physical selves, our mind. This brings freedom, confidence and strength of self. At times it may feel like warfare when our material selves confront the right thing to do for our self-empowerment and our spiritual development. This is the battle of the flesh so many preachers speak about.

When we become spiritual warriors for our betterment we become confident enough to not act upon unfavorable thoughts that leak into all our mind sets. Life will make this a constant challenge. It is how you rise above it and strive for peace to your heart that counts.
You can even start this very minute. All you need to do is begin with your own thoughts. Take notice – are your thoughts of the positive kind? Or are they based on guilt, jealousy, pity, pride, insecurities or fear to name any number of words that can sabotage our thoughts.

This type of mindset undermines our happiness, progress in life and our spiritual development. There is only one word you need to overcome any one of these thoughts – God. Start the conversation because the word of God can transform and heal any area of your life to fill it with self-empowerment and happiness.

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