Self Awareness

July 24, 2014

All week we have been looking at self awareness and what it can bring to us, if you wonder why people react to you the way they do, you feel like the odd one out or you wonder how you got to this point in your life it’s time to develop some more self awareness.

Self awareness is really just about being aware of who we are. It can relate to knowing your own values, your beliefs, personal preferences and tendencies. It’s also about knowing where they came from – are they yours or your families, employers or friends?  Being true to yourself is important and will bring you happiness and satisfaction in life, but first of all you have to know who you are deep down inside. You have to improve your self awareness

To start that you have to take time out to get to know yourself , spend time everyday checking in with your feelings, Ask yourself questions and answer them honestly. Things like ‘what am I feeling right now?’’ What is the source? How are these feelings being displayed?’ ‘Am I tense, do my shoulders feel hunched up, does my stomach ache, and am I hyperactive?’ and so on.

It may help if once you have an idea of your feelings you write them down – I am sad because…, I am angry because…, then it can help you identify the source or “trigger” of negative feelings.

The  learn to be in the moment and make that check in before you react, what do you feel, what started that feeling, what does it link to and what do you want to do with it now. Do your feelings invoke other feelings? So if you are angry are you immediately guilty after? Or if you are scared do you get angry? Often we are taught to be nice and not be angry or to be brave as children but now as adults this stops us from accessing our authentic feelings, we have a feeling racket going on! Give yourself permission to be real and feel the real feeling.

If you feel brave enough ask other people how they see you, are you always happy and bright, sad, angry or depressed? This gives you a guide to what you portray, is this the real you or have you adapted to fit in or to be successful? Now think what would happen if the real authentic you who felt a whole range of emotions was seen? What are your fears and are they real?

Self awareness is not an easy process and can be frustrating bit once you know who you are and how you feel you have control of how you react, you have options and choices you ever had before. You will know what suits you, what is acceptable to you and your boundaries will be strong. If you need help we have counsellors ready to help if you find this a struggle

Call us on 01302 513272 and 813 699 4241 from the USA (only £15/$23 for 15 mins or £24/$36 for 30 mins) or visit us

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