Searching For Happiness

March 17, 2019

There are many definitions of happiness, but the one I can relate the most is the one that equates happiness with good balance. It’s important to understand that a balanced life is our top priority if we want to follow our path and be in control of our lives. Life balance and personal happiness do not necessarily depend on earning more money and being successful at work or in business. Other things can have a much bigger impact on our wellbeing.

Balance is achieved when we become aware, and choose to follow the inner path that can lead us to explore our spirituality. As well as living in harmony with others, we need to live in harmony with ourselves. Otherwise, we will miss the joy of life. Spiritual balance occurs largely through being true to your soul, and letting go of ego. Ego is what destroys spiritual balance. Practicing positive thinking can relieve excess energy from our body, bring harmony, and boost our mood and ability to focus. It’s important to learn what it’s like to let go of our troubling thoughts, and send light to past events, in order to transform our present feelings and relationships. Remember that surrounding yourself with people you love is a powerful tool when it comes to finding balance in life because changing the energy of your environment reflects positively or negatively on your own energy.

Your Happiness also depends on the balance of your coping positive resources to adversity in life. If your positive resources outweigh your negatives you will be able to live a better life. When you focus on your goals instead of your problems, you are be able to see a world outside of the one you created inside your own head. You can use your emotions to make your life better. Don’t dwell on the past, especially if it’s negative. It’s vital to understand that dwelling on negative situations can be dangerous and cause you to become sad, inactive and unproductive.

Remember to respect yourself, every day. Even when something doesn’t work out the way you thought it would, you can focus on positive emotions, and acknowledge how hard you tried, rather than thinking about what went wrong. Remember that excessive self-criticism is not healthy. If you think for a while I’m sure that you can find things to be grateful for in your life. Negative emotions are more easily managed if you practice gratitude in a regular basis. You are not able to control the events in your life, but you can control your response to them. Try incorporating meditation or yoga on a daily basis to quiet your mind, be in touch with your essence, and focus on the important things. The path to a more balanced life starts by simply nurturing positive emotions and adopting healthy habits.

Embrace your true essence. Keep in mind that all aspects in your life are integrated and influence each other. Your happiness depends on a balance between the physical, the mental, the spiritual, and the social/emotional area of your life. When you make an effort to feel positive and hopeful in at least one area, your positivity will show in all other areas of your life, because everything is connected. Take the time to ask yourself how you feel and why you feel the way you do. Having high emotional awareness can help you to form better relationships, to fix what is wrong, and to achieve a better quality of life. Most of us think that happiness is a matter of intensity, but we are wrong. Happiness is actually a matter of harmony and balance.

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