Respect Yourself

August 6, 2019

To venerate someone is to regard this person with great respect or to revere. Veneration can be defined as respect or awe directed toward someone due to his or her value or greatness. It is to recognise and show public admiration for someone and showing them respect, as that shown for special merit and by giving recognition to those who deserve it.

I believe that sometimes we forget how important it is to honour people in our lives. We don’t try to make the other important, as much or more so than ourselves. We become to busy involved in our own world that we don’t try to act in the other’s best interests. If we want to our relationships in life to grow and bloom, we’ll have to water them with honour, kindness and encouragement; we have to treat the other with respect and dignity, and this means accepting that they will have different opinions, allowing them to be correct when they are, and allowing ourselves to be wrong when we are.

It’s one thing to respect or fear God because of His ultimate power and greatness, but quite another to honour Him by honouring our life and the life of others too. If we honour our lives and relationships, when there is disagreement, it is dealt with respectfully, with humility, without personal attacks, because we are able to overlook minor faults and value others no less.

We are taught to treat our neighbours as we would treat ourselves, but we often forget to take pride in the other’s accomplishments, and uphold our loved ones in his or her struggles. Without mutual respect couples are unlikely to be able to solve problems. I believe that we can also use the concept of venerability to treat our spouse or partner in a thoughtful and courteous way, being aware of our body language, and avoiding being disrespectful by rolling eyes, crossing arms, or slamming doors. When you show that you honour the opinions, wishes and values of your partner as worthy of serious consideration, your relationship can change as a result. When you appreciate someone, they usually rise to the level of honour you place on them. We can not expect our leaders to lead well (whether it’s a boss, a husband, or a spiritual leader), if we don’t give them the respect they deserve to do so. Reflect on your decision to respect the people you honour in your heart, mind, and body, and never forget that in order to honour another is important to honour yourself as well.

Respect yourself by accepting your circumstances in life, and surrounding yourself with admirable people: those confident in what they want, and are constantly working on themselves in the present to prepare for their future. Understand that you are exactly where you need to be in life. The Bible says that there are several different groups we should honour. We’re supposed to show honour not only to our parents, but to all of those who are in authority over us. If you play sports, show honour to your coach. If you’re a student, honour your teachers. Honour your boss, honour your partner. Before we can learn to command, we have to learn to obey. We can all live happier by showing honour to those people whom God has put over us.

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