Respect Even What you don’t Understand

October 26, 2013

Sometimes we simply do not get it, why do people react the way they do, why do they even let it bother them? Then the next day we cannot understand why they are not angry or upset like we are.

Everyone perceives life differently, based on filters put in place by our brain as it can not cope with everything we see hear and feel. These filters are often based on our previous experiences so if something happens several times and it makes us angry, eventually we wont have to wait for it to make us angry, we will just get angry straight away when similar things happen. The filters are also influenced by our childhood and the attitudes of our primary caregivers to us and to situations, we will often have the filters our parents have and just keep passing them on unless we get them removed by therapy or self development.

So now you know why its important to respect everyone’s feeling and reactions, because you don’t know what is going on for them !

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