Realising Techniques

May 29, 2018

There are so many recommendations for improving your own life. Some look vague, some attract by their simplicity, but all of them contain one condition: it is only a person who should do the staff. Nobody but you must write an affirmation, stare at mandala for certain time, or perform a chain of actions which are clear only for initiated. Life is tricky and unpredictable: once we have our schedule set, business running smoothly, relationships going satisfactory, we enjoy the feeling of stability and safety, which are the basic human needs and are encoded in our biological system. However, these moments have a bad habit of ending quickly, and even in the best scenario new challenges appear loading out mind with new expectations which in turn create worries and make us so busy that we lose that peace of imperturbability, revealing ourselves in another new start. Being a Queen just a minute ago, revising the stages we have just passed to reach this final eighth square, we turn into a pawn with the long path ahead, and the Game starts again.

Psychological and spiritual advices with step-by-step instructions provide us with the valuable indicators of returning to this intrinsic state of home, wholeness and core. Not necessarily solving our problem in practical life, they play an important role of granting inner peace, solving the main problem of mental and emotional decomposition. As soon as the global intensive and diverse modern life tore the existence apart, pushing us to play so many roles that we forget ourselves and our true being, it is only the person’s will and desire which can turn and return him or her on the right path. And if Hamlet in his classical speech saw the dilemma in choosing being or non-being, we have to choose the sense of being, find it first and decide where it is for us, what is the meaning of our existence and where to look for the guidelines for it.

We know what we dislike, but do we always know what we truly like or want from this life? Focusing on problems pulls our mental and emotional energy into the whirl of problems, while thinking more about our dreams and wishes direct the mind toward creative and productive path. What we need is a map, and there are so many around. The diversity of well-being recommendations sometimes may cause confusion and skepticism, as many of them became cliché and banal. Nevertheless, there are two secret points to consider: regularity and defining a technique as “yours”.

Firstly, you have to use it regularly. Discipline and regime are the key components of success. And the secret is the word you give to you. If you don’t keep the promise due to even the most serious reasons, you won’t feel respect for yourself, and this is one of the basic for self-esteem and efficacy. If it monthly journaling, do it monthly, if it is a healing campaign, do it every day, but follow your plan and make it a priority. When fighting diabetes intensively, I was following lots of steps, combining strict dieting, sports, and meditations during more than a year. And the process couldn’t be broken because of my “bad mood”, or “workload”, or “special day”. It was no holidays or socializing as I couldn’t allow myself to submit to the temptation of eating “just a small piece of cake” or missing my evening mediation or sport. However, afterward, I was rewarded by health and even more intensive social life and communication.

Secondly, the techniques would be useless or will give short-lasting results if you follow them because they are popular, and help your friend. Before trying any activity, it is sensible to rely on a personal intuitional resonance with it. If the details sound artificial and farfetched, it doesn’t matter how popular or useful for others it is; for you it won’t be anything than time wasting. On the opposite, if the recommendations sound close to you, interesting and attractive, it is worth trying. Besides, it is good to remember that performing certain actions, pronouncing certain words, visualizing the images is not a game, but an echo of the ancient rituals coming from the dawn of civilizations, when communities were attempting to bridge the material physical life with the divine realm. It is important to find personal ways of joining outside with inside through numbers, words, images, or actions.

Thirdly, and the most difficult condition is to accept its transformational effect. You must be ready for a change, and if it is not you are looking for, it is better to take an antidepressant pill and stay in sleep. Every brain and mind effort is an alchemy mystery, every technique is a journey, a fascinating journey. Techniques should bring joy and pleasure, state of fulfillment and satisfaction of achievement, progress and inspiration. It is like swimming training: perhaps at first it is difficult to jump into the cold water, but once you start moving your body, you feel other invisible energies circulating and “moving” around and within you. Journaling, meditations, visualizations, praying, and other rituals work in its own magical way: once you look for the result, you lose the beauty of the moment, and you lose the magic of transformation, the core and purpose of the process. Because the expectation is a demand, and spirits, angels and gods do not like the demand, but gladly accept and grant sincere faithful contribution, rewarding pure hearts with the blessings and bounties.

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