Reading the Face

July 25, 2014

We read palms, crystal balls, cards and from personal items but did you know you can read the face?  The face has many characteristics that give us an insight in to people’s personality and traits. We all read the face and size up people within minutes of meeting them. As infants we learn to recognize facial features and expressions as and allocate them a certain personality based on our experience with different types of people.

As we grow up we develop and learn to trust our intuition and from this we start to intuitively know what some features mean to us. Some people find a specific facial feature challenging, while others connect immediately. This goes to patterns of conditioning. Some people actually use this to ‘read ‘people, from salesmen to counsellors they all use the face to intuitively make a sale or be emphatic. The more we experience in life, the better we get at reading faces and relating them to personality types and disorders. The face is a rich source of information about human behaviour.

The best place to start to read faces is to learn to section the face in to certain features, then to review what these mean step by step. So to split the face by forehead, eyebrows and eyes, nose, mouth and chin area, ears, hair and hairline and face shape. Study these areas as separate entities and then match up what you find to their possible meanings.

Here are a few common ones –


  • Round – sensitive and caring people, sensual and loyal
  • Oblong – practical, methodical but can be workaholics and occasionally narcissistic
  • Triangle – creative but fiery and usually intellectual
  • Oval –  balanced, sweet, charming , artistic but can be weak willed


  • Blond -youthful, obedient and naive, impressionable but self-aware
  • Brown – romantic character, love of travel and adventure, strong characters, and liberal
  • Red – intelligent, sensitive, spiritual, loving nature, lively and passionate.


  • High brow – intelligent and likes to study
  • Wide brow – intuitive nature, imaginative. , spontaneous
  • Squre forehead – honest and sincere


  • Brown – energetic, fertile, creative, courageous and grounded. Independent but can be pig headed.
  • Hazel – independent and courageous, very sensible and naturally emphatic
  • Blue -clairvoyant abilities and very observant
  • Green -compassionate and spiritual, natural healers
  • Grey – sensitive and wise, fit in anyway anytime


  • Nose pointing up – skills, knowledgeable and full of life
  • Snub – dominate, forceful but very artistic


  • Thin top lip – finds it hard to access feelings and verbalise them
  • Thin bottom lip – gives too much , can’t say no
  • Full lips – caring and sensitive


  • The thinner the jaw the more stamina and endurance someone has but also beware of how harshly they will judge you too.


  • Crow feet – someone who enjoys life, open hearted and generous
  • Lines between the eyes – logical, hard worker, great thinker , not too good with feelings
  • Lines from nose to mouth -going the right way with life and determined to get there.

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